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Chapter Seven


            Sarah and I woke up about a couple of hours ago, and headed to Pewter.  Not really engaging in any intelligent conversation, but exchanging each others witty banter back and forth to past the time, its nice to have company since pokemon can’t talk back.  

            “So how much longer”, Sarah asked.  

            “If you want, we can keep up a quicker pace and we’ll reach Pewter by nightfall, or we can wander aimlessly around the forest some more and see if we can capture some pokemon and have another campout and reach Pewter in the morning”, I said.      

            “Ok wonder aimlessly it is, though I wonder where are all the pokemon are at”, Sarah questioned. 

“Well I’ve looked up the bug pokemon that resides in this forest on the pokedex, and it said that the two most common bugs in this forest is Caterpie and Weedle.  Caterpie’s like to hide on top of trees where it can camouflage itself amongst all the leaves, while Weedles don’t like to go out during the daytime and spend most of the day buried under the ground”, I said.  

“Well how about their evolved forms”, Sarah questioned again. 

“Its also hard to capture them, both of their second stages, Metapod and Kakuna, whenever they get ready to evolve they encase themselves in a hard shell and use whatever stringshot that they have left and stick themselves high on top of trees.  The worst part is that they are often guarded by their third evolutions, Butterfrees and Beedrills, since they can’t move an inch and can only harden their shells for protection.  No one ever said Pokemon training is going to be easy”, I exclaimed. 

“Bug pokemon aren’t the only pokemon in this forest”, said Sarah.  

“Yeah, Pidgeys and Spearows are often seen in this forest, of course their often seen everywhere else too, and some grass pokemon also live in this for...”, I said when Sarah interrupted me. 

“No, I meant look up over there, I think that’s a Mankey.  Hurry up and use your Pidgey to intercept the Mankey before it gets away”. 

“Pidgey, I choose you”, I unleashed Pidgey from its ball and gave it the order to attack the Mankey, which is swinging from tree branch to tree branch not even noticing us.  The Mankey finally noticed the bird coming full speed at it, but only at the last moment as Pidgey knocked the Mankey off the branch and sent it falling.  Before it hit the ground though, it managed to grab on to another tree branch, so Pidgey swooped down for another attack.  This time the enraged vein popping Mankey was ready for Pidgey, it leaped up and grabbed Pidgey in mid-air and dragged it all the way to the ground.  Pidgey got knocked out from the impact of hitting the ground, the Mankey wasn’t that hurt since it used Pidgey to cushion its fall. 

“Pidgey return, Go Joule thundershock now”, Joule ran up to Mankey and used thundershock.  Which only made the Mankey more enraged as it quickly shook off the electric attack and came at Joule with a low kick, then finished off Joule with a fury swipes attack.  After the Mankey defeated both of my pokemon it went and came after me. 

“Go Nidoran”, Sarah sent out her Nidoran to save me, “Poison sting now”.  The Mankey was to busy chasing me down to notice Sarah’s Nidoran, the Nidoran used its poisonous horn and rammed the Mankey in its side.  

“Keeyyyy”, the Mankey went down poisoned and all. 

“Pokeball go”, Sarah threw her Pokeball at the Mankey and sucked it in.  After a couple of shakes from the Pokeball and a very tense moment for the both of us, the Mankey was caught.

“All right, you caught it Sarah”, I said happy for her, Sarah just stood there with a grin on her face admiring her first pokemon capture.  I went over to check up on Joule and also released Pidgey for another round of Super potions bath (Super potion is applied on the pokemon injuries by a spray bottle).  “Don’t worry guys, you did a great job out there, its just that that Mankey was really powerful, you’ll get ‘em next time”, giving my pokemon a little pep talk, “Ok Sarah, snap out of the post first pokemon capture jitters and lets move on”. 

“Oh sure lets go, I ran out of antidote so I’ll wait till we arrive at the Pewter city Pokecenter to heal my Mankey, I can’t wait to start training Mankey or should I say, Primal”, Sarah said.

After hours of mind numbing trailing through the insect ridden forest, that insect repellant can only repel 99% of bugs, but when that 1% gets you, it can really ruins one day.  The only one that was having a good time was Pidgey, feasting on a gourmet of bugs consisting of Gnats and Larvae, while Joule attracted insects like a bug zapper. 

“First thing I’m going to do when we reach the Pokecenter in Pewter, is to take a shower and wash all this worthless icky repellant off of me”, complained Sarah. 

“Piiiiikaaaaaa”, noted Joule, after it took a Mosquito bite in the bud and shocked us all in frustration. 

Since we were already on the ground (thanks to Joule), “Maybe we should rest for awhile, how about you Joule”,  “Pika pichu”, Joule replied, scratching its head nervously.  I rolled over on to my back, only to have a rather fat Pidgey land on top of my stomach, “Ughh, maybe you’ve had enough Pidgey, huh”.  I noticed something when I looked up, to make sure I took my binoculars out of my backpack for a closer look, it was a Caterpie, sleeping high up on a tree. 

“Hey Sarah, there’s a Caterpie up there sleeping, I’m not going to miss out on this chance.  Alright Pidgey this is going to be an easy capture, see that Caterpie up there sleeping, all you have to do is knock it off the tree and the impact of hitting the ground should weaken it enough for a capture”, I said. 

“Gey pid”, Pidgey acknowledge, and flew up to the unwary Caterpie.  For once all went according to plan, Pidgey knocked the Caterpie off the tree and it hit the ground, before it knew what was going on, my Pokeball hit it, transforming it to green energy and sucked it in for the capture. 

 “That was a rather easy capture”, Sarah said.  

“Yeah probably the easiest one I’ll ever get”, I said.  I released Caterpie in order to heal it, like Pidgey when I first caught it, Caterpie was also nervous and scared, “Don’t be scared Caterpie, we’re all friends now”, I said to a still scared Caterpie.  It finally looked up to me when it noticed a big and fat Pidgey roosting on my shoulder, staring at it. 

“Ca pieeee”, it yelled in an insect like voice and ran to hide behind Sarah. 

“Peter, bug pokemon are scared of flying pokemon like Pidgeys”, Sarah said. 

“Oh, (speaking to Caterpie) you shouldn’t be scared of Pidgey, Joule and Pidgey are your friends now” 

“Pidgey”, “Pikachu”, they both acknowledged in a friendly voice.  

“Still scared huh, Pidgey you better return to your ball so I can get more acquainted with Caterpie, besides you had a big day, time for some rest”, I returned Pidgey to its ball and we were headed on are way.

It was real late in the night, but since there was a half moon out for lighting, we decided to head for the Pokecenter anyway.  We finally made it to the outskirts of Pewter, “So should we head for your Aunts house or the Pokecenter”, I asked Sarah.  

“The Pokecenter is closer, and my Aunts house on the other side of Pewter anyways, so come on I’m tired, we can bunk at the Pokecenter if they’ll let us in at such a late time”, Sarah answered.

Lucky for us, the friendly Nurse let us in.  We dropped off our pokemon for healing and rest and headed for the trainers Quarters to get some rest of our own. 

“Tomorrow we’ll go to my Aunts house and eat some of her famous pancakes, goodnight Peter”, Sarah said. 

“Yeah you to Sarah”, tomorrow I’ll head for Crystal Loch, which is a couple of miles next to Pewter and from there its on my way to that City with the gym to earn a blue badge.