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Chapter Thirteen


            Being stuck in Sorrel City, at some Pokemon Daycare center, because of the heavy rains outside.  I was having a miserable time, never been too much of a fan for Rainy days… My Pokemon on the other hand were having a great time at the Daycare, playing with all the children and Pokemon toys lying about, and meeting the other Pokemon of stranded trainers like me.

            It has been one hell of a time, watching over these little bodies of energy.  Pyro, being the curious little fire lizard that she is, kept on running around everywhere.  Touching, smelling, and prodding it’s way into everything in sight, I had to make a promise to the Daycare workers to always keep an eye on Pyro, for fear that she might accidentally set something on fire with her tail. 

            Joule and Bushy were actually pretty quiet the whole day; they busied themselves with coloring books and Lego sets.  Joule was practically abusing the yellow crayon, trying to color in all the electric Pokemon it could find.  Bushy just made one mess after another, since the only way it could color was with it’s Vines, and it spent the whole day trying to balance out the small crayons with its two Vines.  Later on though Bushy got frustrated with coloring and played with Lego’s instead.  Building a life size Bulbasuar with it, I would have been very proud for Bushy, if he hadn’t choked on that one Lego piece… *sigh*

            I got yelled at by one of the Daycare workers, when they found Caterpie in one of the Rest rooms there.  Apparently Caterpie had sprayed Stringshot everywhere, clogging up the sinks, and toilet.  Making me spend a better part of an hour cleaning up that gunk, needless to say I put Joule and Bushy in charge of her.

            Rainer was the troublemaker of the group, on his own he had manage to almost start fights with a Rhyhorn, Growlithe, a group of Exeggcute, couple of Machops, and not to mention a Wartortle (now that was the ugliest bickering I’ve seen between two turtle Pokemon).  The worst part is, when Caterpie wasn’t spraying string shot everywhere; it would always tag along with Rainer, as if one troublemaker wasn’t enough…

            Out of all the Pokemon though, I was most concerned for Pidgey, all he did was stare out the window, watching the rainfall.  Kind of reminds me when I was little, and the rain would always keep me from wanting to go outside and play.  Well the rain was keeping Pidgey from doing the thing it loves to do most, which is to fly.  It was comforting though, just to curl up beside Pidgey and stare out the window together.



The day and the Rain were far from over, so I had to keep myself occupied for the time being.  Luckily after a whole morning and afternoon of running around everywhere and expending all of their energy, the three Pokemon I had to watch the most, Pyro, Rainer, and Caterpie, is taking a Nap together.  Leaving me the time to get to know the other trainers at the Daycare better.

            I’ve gotten on the bad side with some of the trainers at the Daycare Center, when Rainer and Caterpie started something with their Pokemon, other then that I got along fine with the others.  I met these two pair of trainers that managed to con me into gambling with them in a game of blackjack, after I loss twenty PokeYens or so I quickly declined another game.  Only to watch them con some other chump into a game…  I Almost got into a brawl when my eyes caught sight of this beautiful girl standing next to a bookshelf, then my eyes caught a glare from her boyfriend… *sigh*

            Deciding that I needed some time by myself, I walked into one of the entertainment rooms, with Joule, Bushy, and Pidgey following behind, and heard a radio going off but no one was around listening to it.  I proceeded to turn it off when this news bulletin came on, “...A robbery by the mysterious crime organization known as Team Rocket, has hit the Toccata Town National Pokemon Museum.  Managing to flee from Police officials with a handful of rare Omanyte fossils, thought to be worth millions, on a flock of Fearows that they used to escape with…”.  *Click* switching off the Radio knob, hmm been hearing a lot from Team Rocket lately, hope I don’t run into them anytime soon.  Besides they’re into bigger heist, rather then wasting their time on stealing Pokemon from individual trainers…

After wasting a good half hour in the entertainment room, watching a Pokemon Soap Opera, was there really nothing on television?  My stomach started to growl, and I remembered I haven’t had lunch yet, since I was to busy looking after Pyro, Rainer, and Caterpie.  So I headed over to the cafeteria of the Daycare Center, with Joule, Pidgey, and Bushy, enjoying a stale Peanut Butter Sandwich, well I was also broke…  Damn, looks like I’m going to have to find another job, still having nightmares of the last job I had in Azure City *shudders*.  Unless I can convince my Mom to wire me more money… err better not…last time she gave me a two-hour lecture over the vid-phone on productive money management, like I’d want to sit through another one of those…

Sulking all by myself in the cafeteria, nibbling on the Peanut butter Sandwich, the cafeteria lady felt sorry for me and gave me something decent to eat, if you call meatloaf and mashed Potatoes decent, and some treats for my Pokemon.  We started talking, mainly she did, the lady recollected on her days as an inspiring young Pokemon trainer, traveling around the countryside capturing and battling Pokemon from all over…  I asked her why she stopped, her reply was that she advanced as far that she could with her training and try as she might, couldn’t go any farther…  Ultimately having to give up training, the lady set all of the Pokemon she had stored in her town’s Pokemon Research Center free, and only kept her main 6 Pokemon, which to this day stays and keeps her company at home.

After the cafeteria lady left to clean up, it got me thinking again, what if I don’t succeed?  Bah, it’s too early to start thinking about that; you’ve got to take Pokemon training with an optimistic attitude if you ever want to get anywhere…  Still, sooner or later I’m going to be faced with this question again, whether I like it or not!  A little rustle under the table, snapped me out of my self-analyzing, my Pokemon were getting restless just sitting there, so I headed back with them to check up on my other Pokemon.

When I got back to the area where they were sleeping, Caterpie, Pyro, and Rainer, were already awake, and walking about.  Giving a sigh of relief, thank goodness they haven’t caused any trouble while I was gone.  I slumped over onto a comfortable beanbag chair, and watched over my Pokemon.  A little too comfortable the beanbag chair was, as I found myself trying not to doze off. 

Being too tired and sleepy, I should have been more aware of the upcoming problem involving Pyro.  Apparently she wanted to be friends with this Oddish, Pyro being a fire lizard and all, scared the Oddish, thinking that Pyro might want to battle with it.  That’s where the situation began; A Wartortle came and pushed Pyro away from the Oddish, these two Pokemon probably belonged to the same trainer, that’s when Rainer jumped in and defended Pyro, and all hell started to brake loose.  That was the same Wartortle, Rainer almost got into a fight with earlier!  Next thing I knew Caterpie, Bushy, and Pidgey, joined the argument, because a Vulpix, Spearow, and a Mankey came to side with the Wartortle and Oddish.  Joule was stuck in the middle trying desperately to work things out, but through the chaos, got punted out of the group of bickering Pokemon.

That was when I started to get up and intervene, but then I noticed the evil grin on Joule’s face and sparks shooting out of his cheeks.  Uh-oh, I immediately knew what was going to happen next, I tried to get Joule to stop but was too late.  Joule let out a loud “Chuuuu”, followed by a powerful electric attack, and fried all of the Pokemon, including mine… *sigh*

“What the hell happened”, a boy came out shouting from the restroom, looks like he’s the trainer of those Pokemon.  I tried to explain and said I was sorry for the whole incident, but he looked as though he was about getting ready to fight me!  When a Daycare worker finally came in and broke us up, he told us to return all of our Pokemon to their Pokeballs, and separate from each other in different areas of the Daycare Center.  The boy gathered all his Pokemon, gave me a cold glare and left.  Since I couldn’t return Joule, the Daycare worker just told me to keep an extra eye on him, Pikachu’s are known for their short temper, he said. 

After all that commotion, all Joule could do was hold his head down and give a faint “Chu”, not wanting to look up at my disappointed face.  I ordered Joule to take a nap, and proceeded to get a much-needed one myself.  After I woke up from the two-hour nap or so, the Rains have stopped and most of the stranded trainers had already left the Daycare center to resume on with their journeys.  Prompting me to do the same, I said goodbye to all the Daycare workers and remaining trainers, and muttered to myself on the way out, “I hate Rainy Days!”