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Chapter Eleven


            The Scabrous Mountains, its name literally means, “Rough Mountains”, whoever named it sure knew what he was talking about.  It took days to reach the Scabrous Mountains from Azure city and even more trailing around it, trying to find a path that would lead to Verdancy City, the next city I’ll travel too.  I was told that there would be a gym there and I’ll have a chance to earn a Green Badge.

            The trip was starting to get too exhausting for my pokemon, so I returned them to their pokeballs for rest, except Joule for obvious reason and Pidgey, which I was relying on to help me guide my way out of the mountains. 

            “Pidgeyyyyy pidgeyyyy”, Pidgey shouted from high up above.  Pidgey finally spotted a trail that leads to a tunnel, and according to my map, it’ll hopefully lead to Verdancy City.  I thanked and returned the already exhausted Poke-bird and treaded my up to the tunnel.

            “What the… Oww” 

            “kapika”, I tripped over something on the way to the tunnel and Joule and me fell flat on are faces.  


            “Umm Joule did you say something”



            “Dude, a Geodude”, I exclaimed, spotting one when I turned around.  I must’ve tripped over it. 

            “Dude dude geo geo geodude”, the Geodude shouted, and all the other small boulders around it started to form into other Geodudes. 

            “Aww, we’re surrounded, I know… Rainer go, Water gun attack now”, I yelled, as the Water gun knocked out the Geodude I tripped over with one blast, the other Geodudes rolled away in fear.  “Pokeball go”, another capture, rock is weak against water, I should really start paying more attention in using certain pokemon types in battles.

            “All those Geodudes afraid of one tiny turtle, but one mighty turtle at that”, I declared 

            “Squirtle squirt”, Rainer, getting caught in the excitement, shouted.  Now I finally have six pokemon, the maximum amount a trainer is allowed to carry.  If I catch another one, it’ll be sent to Professor Oak’s lab, I bet he’ll be happy to finally receive a pokemon from me, I wonder if he’s still having second thoughts about me training in the first place.  I can’t be bothered with that now, I’m on a hot streak, I’ve won my last two battles, including winning a Blue badge, and captured four new pokemon.  I’m not going to let a mountain stand in my way of earning another.

            “Rainer, Joule lets go”, calling my pokemon. 


            “Oh sorry I guess your still tired from all the traveling, in you go”, returning Rainer into its pokeball.  Inside the tunnel, “It’s getting too dark in here, can barely see where I’m going”, after going deep into the tunnel, the light from the entrance is no longer illuminating the way.  “Err at the next Pokecenter, I’m definitely buying a flashlight, Joule you’re going to have to try and light the way” 

            “Piiii”, Joule scrunching its cheeks, started to shoot sparks out that can barely light my hand in front of my face, but it’ll have to do for now.

            “Pikachuuuuu”, Joule groaned, as its electricity ran out.  

            “Out of energy huh, well you lighted the way long enough for me to get an idea on where we’re going.  Climb on Joule (Joule climbing onto my shoulder) we’re going to feel our way out of here”, feeling against the walls so we won’t bump into anything.  After awhile of traveling in the dark I begun to notice something, a flame, a small one at that but, if I can reach it then I’ll finally know where I’m going in this pitch dark tunnel.

            “St… stay where you are, don’t come any closer”, a boy shouted to me.  As I was approaching the flame, I realized that it belong to somebody. 

            “Hello, my name is Peter, I’m lost in this cave, since you have a light, maybe I can accompany you out of this tunnel”, I shouted to the boy, that’s still hiding amongst the dark.  

            “How do I know you’re not a thief, or a member of the Rocket Gang perhaps”, the boy inquired. 

            “Fine then I’ll show you”, I pulled out my Pokedex and it started to go off identifying me as a legit trainer.

            “Oh sorry when you travel alone all the time, you have to be careful of what’s out there, my name’s Jason by the way”, Jason said.  

            “Hey, you have a Charmander, so that’s where the light was coming from”, I said.  

            “Yea, that’s my Charmander, Pyro” 

            “You can never be lost in the dark with a Charmander, I wanted one as my first Pokemon, but someone beat me to it”, I said. 

            “Pyro was my first Pokemon, but sometimes I wish I would’ve chosen that Oddish as my first”, Jason said. 

            “Why, aren’t Charmanders supposed to be good fighters”, I questioned. 

            “I dunno, Pyro has been losing a lot of battles lately, especially in my first gym battle at Azure city, I got creamed by the Gym Leader Cindy”, Jason said.  

            “That’s because fire is weak against water”, I said, defending Pyro.  

            “I know, but what are fire types strong against anyway, besides grass pokemon.  A fire pokemon sure won’t help me capture a pokemon up here, where mainly rock and ground type Pokemons live”, said Jason.

            I can tell Jason wasn’t very happy with his Charmander, but I saw the potential inside his Pyro, so I offered him a trade. 

            “A trade”, Jason exclaimed. 

            “Why not, you don’t seem to like Pyro that much, so I’m offering to take it off your hands and train it myself” 

            “I don’t know, Pyro is my first pokemon and all, I heard that trading your first pokemon brings you 7 years of bad luck” 

            “Look Jason, I’m offering you the Geodude I just caught, it’s a pretty fair trade.  Geodudes and Charmanders have the same weakness, water, but my Geodude, being a rock type, has the advantage over your Charmander” 

            “If Geodudes have the advantage, then why do you want to trade your pokemon then”, Jason asked me.  

            “Because I’ve always wanted a Charmander, and they’re pretty rare around this area, so how about”, I asked Jason.              “I don’t know… Maybe” 

            “Still having doubts, then lets have a pokemon battle, and I’ll prove to you how strong a Geodude is”, I proposed

            “Since I only have three pokemon, this is going to be a 3 on 3 battle”, Jason announced. 

            “Fine by me, I’ll start things off, Geodude”, I called.  

            “Alright then, I choose Rattata”, Jason making the first move, “Rattata, Hyper fang now”, Rattata bit hard into Geodude, but that only resulted in chipping its tooth and sent the rodent aching to the ground.  

            “Your Rattata can’t hurt my Geodude’s rock hard body”, I said. 

            “Rattata return, Spearow go”, Jason called, “Fury attack now”.  Spearow let loose a barrage of pecks and talon scratches, at Geodude, which was in a defensive curl, weathering out the attacks, and waiting for my command. 

            “Geodude attack”, I commanded, Geodude leapt up and grabbed the Spearow by the leg and pounded the tiny bird to the ground.  

            “Aww, Spearow return, ok Pyro don’t let me down” 

            "Char char”, Pyro yelled. 

            “Geodude tackle attack”, I said, Geodude curled up in a ball rolled its way to Pyro.  Pyro, being faster evaded the attack. 

            “Ember attack now”, Pyro lurched burning embers at Geodude, barely harmed by the attack, Geodude rolled through the embers and slammed into Pyro.  Geodude continued to pound on Pyro until Jason returned his beat fire lizard.

            “Damn, this is the last battle that this worthless Charmander losses to me, lets trade”

            “Um… Uh” 

            “What, you wanted to trade in the first place you backing out now” 

            “No, don’t you want to say goodbye to Pyro first” 

            “I said goodbye to Pyro when it lost the battle, now how do you trade pokemon”, Jason demanded.  

            “Sure, I’ll show”, somehow I feel guilty in this whole thing, Jason’s pokemon didn’t have a chance against a Geodude and he’s taking it all out on his Pyro.  I know I manipulated him a little in getting him to trade his pokemon, but a person like him shouldn’t deserve to be a pokemon trainer, if a pokemon fails in a battle its not only the pokemon’s fault, the trainer should take the responsibility as well.

            “Ok Jason you take the link cable that came with your pokedex and connect one end to the slot on the pokedex and the other end on the button of your pokeball.  I’ll do the same and we’ll connect are Pokedex’s together.  Enter in your PIN number and press the white button at the same time as me and wait for the Pokedex’s to confirm the exchange”, I told Jason, the transfer was done in about a minute.  The rest of the trip out of the tunnel was rather silent and awkward.  We weren’t on speaking terms the rest of the way out, and when we finally made it out of the tunnel we went are separate ways.

            “So Pyro, I’m your new trainer, don’t worry your safe with me”, trying to reinsure the confuse Charmander.  “Why don’t you get acquainted with Joule for a while, Joule can fill you in on what’s been going on, in our little trip.  You know (speaking to Pyro) I probably would’ve named you Zippo myself, but Pyro is a pretty good name”.  Later on the way, I released all of my pokemon and they chatted happily with Pyro, all the way to Verdancy City.