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Pokemon: BigRai's, Story By BigRai



Chapter 1: Pay Back


Rai: <Yesterday.  All my troubles seemed so far away now it seems as though they're here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday.  Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be.  There's a shadow hanging over me o yesterday came suddenly.  Why she had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say.  I said something wrong now I long for yesterday.>


Agitha: Very nice Rai, but on the end is more of a yesterday...a, try the last line again please?


Rai: <I said something wrong now I long for yesterday...a---.>


Agitha: Perfect!  Your voice is phenomenal.  It is like you're a human trapped in a raichu body.


Rai: Thank you ma'am.


Agitha: Now remember come back next week so I can teach you the rest of the song.  In the mean time there is a human festival going on all this week.  Go as often as you can, but be careful not to get captured.  Learn all you can about human music and art okay?


Rai: I will. Bye.


Rai left Agitha's cave and walked happily along the grassy fields humming his newfound song.  Then he heard something; he stopped to smell the air but found no sent.

He walked a little farther and heard the sound again.  He got very nervous, looking around franticly for the sound.  He turned to walk again and IT happened.


Shock: AHHHH!


Shock tackled the smaller raichu from behind.  A fight ensued with biteing and slashing.  The two went at it for about five minuets Rai gave Shock a double kick his chest and sent his attacker about five feet back.  Both chus stood up and Rai wiped some blood off his mouth.


Rai: You know you can't beat me alone, you're too weak.


Shock: I would kick your sorry tail myself but I thought why not spread the joy.  CHHUUUU!


From nowhere Brown, Mouse, and Pi tackled Rai and started punching him.  Rai lay helplessly as he was beat down.  Flower and Lightning stood on the sidelines shaking their heads.


Lightning: Bro, that is enough!

Shock: Shut up!

Flower: Come on Shock stop it!

Shock: Alright! Guys stand him up.


Brown and Pi held a battered Rai as Shock slapped him with his tail.  Shock made fun of Rai by trying to sing.  Everyone laughed; even Lightning who caught herself and stopped.


Shock: Your pathetic.  A raichu with a human voice, well I think I'll just have to fix that.


Shock grabbed Rai by the neck, but as he was squeezing a huge shadow loomed over them.


Knight: OutKast to the rescue!


A charizard landed and a warturtle and ivysaur got off its back.  Brown yelled charizard and every one ran for their lives.  Shock only got a few feet before he was hit by a thunder wave and landed flat on his back.


Rai: Thanks

War: No prob.


All walked up to a paralyzed Shock.  He was cursing, trying unsuccessfully to move.  Rai looked down on him smiling.


Rai: dose it feel to look up at me for a change?

Shock: You'll pay for this.

Rai: I don't think so.


Rai got on all fours and saw Flower run back in view.  She saw what Rai was about to do...


Flower: Rai please don't?


Rai got back up on his hid legs.  Shock saw how he looked at Flower and yelled up at him.


Shock: Rai you better not touch her!  She is mine do you hear me.  Next week after I kick your sorry tail she'll be mine!  Anyway she could never love a FREAK like you!


Rai got extremely angry, nothing angered him more than being called a freak.  He got back on all fours and smiled at shock one more time before lifting his right hind leg.


Flower: Rai noooo!

War: Ewwwweeee!

Knight: That's sick!

Inferno: He's not going to be able to get the smell out of his fur for a week.


When Rai finished he kicked back dirt with his hind legs a couple of times and walked to his friends.


Rai: Yo, I got something cool to show you all.

Inferno: Cool!  Just tell me where to go.


All got on Inferno and they flew off.


Shock: I'll get you for this!  Flower help me up...Flower!


But Flower couldn't go near him. The smell from his urine soaked fur was too strong.


Flower: I'll get help.


Shock: Flower don't leave me!


But she was already off.  Shock laid there stinking, hating Rai more and more. Meanwhile...


War: Did you have to do that?


Rai: It's just my way of showing dominance.  I might be an OutKast but I'm still the strongest of the youth in our clan.


Inferno: Yea but you...hosed him.


Rai: Yep, pay backs a...


Inferno: Hay!


Rai: Oh, sorry Inferno.