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August 28, 2000 [2nd Update]

Updated by: Pijoto

Almost forgot to update Zach's story :P  He has continued on with his Fallen friends saga, by writing the first part to the third installment of his series called, A Friends last stand, it's under "The Fallen Friends Trilogy" link.
August 28, 2000

Updated by: Mr. Popo

Ok, Dougbug322 has completed chapters 19-21 of his series PokeMadness and MDude has completed chapter 4 of his story MewtwoB. If you want to critic this great story you can click here

Oi, makes me want to start catching up on my own stories, but I'm so brain dead from taking so much summer school, add in the evil entity known as writer's block, plus the regular season of school that just started today! I just haven't found the time nor the motivation lately to continue on... I'll pick up on those three projects I started one of these days... Just really need a long break right now...

August 23, 2000 [2nd Update]

Updated by: Rainer

As I write this, I'm 3 hits away from recieving 10000 hits *Pijoto gives a faint hooraw* BAKA, I should have over 10000 hits by now, but the counter went AWOL on me for over a month awhile back, making me lose well over 1000 hits -_- Anyhoo, no special occasions planned, no prises are going to be given away to the 10000 person (hey does it look like I have money o_O), or nuthin... Life goes on as usual :P

August 23, 2000

Updated by: Joule

First let me announce this... For some fraggin reason, I have always had troubles with attachments -_-'   Some work, but the majority of the attachments I receive refuses to open, and sometimes disconnects my computer >_<   I dunno, maybe it's better if you just cut & paste your story onto the email instead, or [advert] you can post your stories on the Chaos board and I'll just take it off of there :P

Now for an update, Dougbug322 has completed episodes 17, 18, and a third movie special...   Two other authors submitted stories, but as I mentioned above, attachments don't seem to like me -_-;;

August 17, 2000

Updated by: Elle-chan

Three submitted stories to update. Zapdos86 sent in Chapter two of Akira and the Mystic Pokemon Adventure, Jesusfreak finished Chapter 10 of Pokemon: Weirdos Inc, and Dougbug322 has completed chapter 16 of PokeMadness

Umm... a rather personal rant on my two-cents about Online Relationships... has been included in the Misc. editorials section :P

August 15, 2000

Updated by: Jote

Umm hi, just messing around...

~ Nothing like a little Chaos, to start the morning right...
August 11, 2000

Updated by: farfetched

A lot of updates today!  First I'd like everyone to meet my very own Internet clone of the infamous Elle-Chan ^_^;;

My very own, internet clone of the infamous Elle-chan ^_^;;  I'll protect Elle-chan with my life, any thief will die by the sword of the fencer farfetched!

It was given to me by the webmaster of Kasumi Violet's Anime Guide, an anime website that use to be one of my favorite places to go for reviews and info on various anime, before the webmaster put it in "sleep" mode... *sigh*  The gift was for my Birthday, which was on August 1st, and it was the only internet gift I received too *Pijoto mumbling something about ungrateful ba.....*  -_-;;  Anyhoo, Elle-Chan will permanently reside on this website on the very bottom left of this page. 


Second, Erik Masters (aka Oddiking) of The Pokemon Friend, which so happens to be my affiliate, has agreed upon residing on the Chaos Board.  As a disclaimer, I bear no responsibility to what horrors you may witness on his board :P  So if your a fan of any of the sites taking part in the message board, then feel free to stop by anytime... 


Third, is updates to three different authors submitted works.  It seems that DougBug322 is on a writing binge, because he has submitted 3 more chapters [13-15] of his series PokeMadness.  You wonder if all the incoherent weirdness that goes on in his stories, will finally catch up to him and send him to funny farm (j/k) :D  Akira and the Mystic Pokemon Adventure, a promising new series, brought to you by the author who wrote 10 Years Later, Zapdos86 (aka Pikachu Chick), has been started with Chapter One.  Lastly a new series, by the author Mirager, Mechanical Pocket Monsters: A New Era (or Mechamon: A New Era for short) has begun with 6 chapters already written.


Fourth and last, a rather philosophical essay has been added to the Misc. Editorials section, Cats have 9 lives right?  

August 5, 2000

Updated by: Satoshi Purple

To start off this month, Dougbug322 has finished another lengthy Movie special [#2] with his series PokeMadness...  Someone finally took up on the offer of adding a counter to their page, I added the counter code Zach sent me to his mini-series A Friends Courage.  Another rant in the Misc. editorials section, If only they were real..., about my infatuation with certain anime characters, was added ^_^;;

Now concerning my newest ongoing series Search for the albino Charizard, I really want this to work out as an interactive, and I've written the intro to the story, with the intent on it being an interactive in the first place...  If you haven't checked on it yet, it's about an obsessed trainer out to search for a legendary albino Charizard...  Obviously for this to work out, there is going to be more contributing writers, if you're familiar with interactive stories (meaning you've participated in some, or have a thorough knowledge on how to approach such stories) and want to express an interest in this story then be sure to throw in some ideas for the story here.  I'm looking for committed writers, that will take this project seriously, because I want this to be a good one!  If it doesn't work out as an interactive (I'll give it another month), I might set off to write the story myself...