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April 28, 2000
Not a real update but I just like to point this one out, wild charizard of

c h a r i z a r d   v a l l e y has finally collected enough pennies to buy her a scanner :D What this means is that wild charizard is finally uploading all of her beautifully done artwork to compliment her series Me & my Flame ^_^;; And I must say this is some of the best air brushing (or chalk, I'm not the best art critic...) I've seen yet! wild charizard is destined to become as famous as Strata Strikes! Though this does have it's consequences... There's allot of thievery in the online Pokemon world -_-;; And I discourage it in anyway, unless the webmaster gives proper credit to the Artist! All that's left for me to do now is... sit my lazy Ass down and read this critically acclaimed series... *sigh*

April 26, 2000
I seem to be suffering from writers block lately... Anyways here's a little silly one-shot of a battle between Ash's Pikachu and Tai's Coromon and co. I don't feel like archiving a story like this -_-;; So I'll just post it up here for your enjoyment... (disclaimer: has a little bit of swearing, but hey you hear ten times as much swearing watching the idiot box...)

Ash sends Pikachu... Tai sends Coromon...
Ash: Fry that soccer ball
*Pikachu fries Coromon to a crisp*
Tai: Get up and fight!!!
Coromon: Coromon digivolves to Augumon...
*Augumon releases a flurry of Pepper breath*
*Pikachu on agility successfully dodges them, with all the electricity it is building up...*
Ash: Fry that Charmander wannabe!
*Augumon gets fried to a crisp*
Tai: Get up and fight!!!
Augumon: Augumon digivolves to Greymon
Pikachu: (in Pokespeech) Oh shit!
*Greymon fires a Nova Blast at Pikachu, but wait Pikachu has used double team and the Nove blast hits the wrong one. Fake Pikachu's everywhere Greymon tries to step on them and blast them to bits but looses it's step and falls over*
Ash: Thunderbolt now!!!
Pikachu: Eat Thunderballs of Fury...
*Pikachu fires a thunderbolt at Greymon's head knocking him out*
Tai: Get up and Fight!!!
Greymon: Don't you ever say anything else... Greymon digivolves to Metal Greymon...
Ash: Hah you dumbass Metal conducts electricty... Pikachu now for the thunder attack
Metal Greymon: Oh crap!
Pikachu: Pikapikapikachu!!!!
*Dark clouds form rather quickly, Metal greymon runs around frantically but gets hit by an all powerfull force of nature, thunder... And de-digivolves back into Augumon...*
Ash: Haha we win Pikachu
Pikachu: Damn straight!
Tai: Get up and Fight!!!
Augumon: *sigh* Augumon warp digivolves to WarGreymon...
Ash: How many times can that damn thing evolve...
Tai: My guess is, that it still has four more stages...
WarGreymon: Terraforce...
*the Terraforce WarGreymon created was too close in proximity to Ash, Pikachu, Tai and all and when it exploded like a Nuke dropped on Nagasaki, it took everyone with them...*
The End :D

April 25, 2000
Two things to update today.  One is a new ongoing series, Pokemon: Weirdos Inc., by Jesus freak, with up to Episode 5 done.  This is written in Script form and is sorta weird, it involves Ash and Co. interacting with certain characters, including Barney? The Other update is chapter 3 to Gyarados75 story.

April 17, 2000
*sigh* I just learned that I'm actually charizard valley second affiliate, oh well... The Pokemon Friend beat me to it >_<

April 16, 2000
Three new submitted stories to update today.  First is part 1 to a great new miniseries that is in the AAMRN category called Hearts of Desire written by cchhcc.  Second is an update to Zach's Fallen Friends series, with a new title called A Friends Courage, with part 1 done.  Third is an update to Gyarados75's The Tournament with chapter 2.

One more thing to mention, an affiliate to be exact.  For those who are familiar with the Author Wild Charizard, she writes this incredible 52 part series called Me and my Flame and I'm proud to be her first affiliate.  When Wild Charizard's site, charizard valley, gets bigger and popular, and more and more people find out how talented a writer she is, to the point where it grows to be one of the elite pokemon fanfiction sites on the net.  At least she can look back on some of the little people that have helped her site grow in the beginning, and Pijoto's Stories being her first affiliate ^_^;; 

April 10, 2000
Yay, I'm now on the Anime Web Turnpike, I've been trying to get on for months, because of some procrastination in my part, and whenever I finally reminded myself to sign up first thing on Monday, they would always close their entry form due to backlogging, but I'm finally on now. I'm also going to proudly display their Trixie turnpike image, it's down at the bottom by Misty ^_^

April 7, 2000
I rather sizable update this time, first off two submitted stories, first is part two of Zeth Raltier's, A master in the making, and second is a new series, called The Tournament by Gyarados75, with Chapter one done.

Next, A Brock Prologue, Part VII has finally been completed, yay. Now for some bad news, recently School has been very hectic for me, and I've been having trouble devoting time to this site, hence the slow updates recently. So I'm warning you in advance, expect only one story from me a month, two if your lucky, and if this site goes through some dry spells for more then two weeks I'll pop in and say I'm still alive or something. I really don't want to kill off my site, but school has added too much pressure lately, and I no longer have the time to spend hours plotting out long stories, and tinkering around with my site here and there...

As for archiving submitted stories, I'll still try to do those, whenever someone submits one.

April 1, 2000
I'm not going to start the month out with some lame April fools day joke, but with 3 new submitted stories instead! The first one is a beginning trainers fic by Zeth Raltier, called A Master in the Making, the first part of the story has been uploaded.  

The Other two stories are from Eric "Psyke" Jeffus.  First one is an ongoing series in the OT Mystery/Horror genre called, A Dark Future.  The Second one is a POV One-shot called, Driven by Hatred.  These stories I might add, is on a different level in fanfiction writing, and are some of the best ones I have read yet, if I had a ranking system the author would definitely get a five from me.