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Chapter one


                Every year in the town of Pallet, 3 young kids will have the honor of being chosen as the Pokemon trainers that will represent their town and receive one of three starters Pokemon from the towns leading expert Professor Oak.  To be eligible, one you have to be at least 10 years of age and the other you have to take a lengthy exam to test your knowledge.  Much to everyone's chagrin it doesn't focus on the aspect of pokemon training rather than if one can survive in the wild.  I mean who would send a ten-year-old out in the wild without any survival skills.

 This year it would be my chance to prove myself to my friends (rivals) and my parents, although my parents doesn't share my enthusiasm about leaving to be a trainer.  Considering that only about one in a hundred trainers actually become masters and compete in the Pokemon league.  They're just afraid that I'll fall behind on my schoolwork if I happened to fail as a trainer.  Or I'll get eaten in the wild by some hungry pokemon.  Typical over protective parents, but it's just something that every parent has to deal with as almost all kids want the adventure and glamour of being a full status trainer with pokedex license and everything. 

Like I said this year is the year I take the exam.  Which I did a month ago and failed, but the good thing is that I did get fourth place just not good enough to receive a pokemon license, a starter pokemon, and dreams of becoming the greatest of all time but there's always next year I guess.  

Watching the family and friends of the three qualifying trainers celebrate and anxiously awaiting for what pokemon they'll choose outside the foothills of Professor Oak's laboratory.  I sit and soak as each trainer walk out with their pokemon and begin their journey.  The first trainer that got to choose was Gary he was lucky he got what I think was the best out of the three, a Charmander.  The second was Ash, he was my best friend we talked about how we were going to travel together all the way to the Pokemon league maybe and even have a battle royal once we both reached the top.  I guess that won't be happening, he received a Squirtle.  The third was John he got to pick Bulbasaur that would've been my second choice. 


Chapter two


As the day waned I got fed up with the 'cheery' atmosphere and decided to soak alone in the forest and wound up being lost at night.  Luckily it was a full moon and I could see where I was going.  Delving deeper into my own thoughts I lost my concentration and slammed hard into a tree which awoke an angry Pidgeotto and it kicked up a powerful gust and must have blown me away 10-15 yards and slammed me once again into a tree this time knocking me out cold. 

Dawn arrived so did my throbbing head too.  I picked my self up and started walking when I suddenly tripped over something, I looked behind and saw a trainer's pokebelt and attached to it was six pokeballs.  My eyes brightened as I saw it and thought I must be the luckiest boy in the world to have found lost pokeballs.  Some kid must have lost it and somehow it got buried under all the dead leaves and dirt, but when the Pidegeotto gust attacked me last night it must've unearth the pokebelt.  I eagerly opened them all but to my disappointment the first five that I opened was empty.  The sixth one however was not, out came a Pikachu, as happy I would've been to find a Pikachu, it was in real bad shape.  It looked almost dead; I've never been more panicked as I ran toward Pallet with the ailing Pikachu in my hands.

When I reached Pallet I headed for Professor's Oaks Laboratory, which doubled as a small pokecenter since Pallet isn't a very big town.  Professor Oak himself tended to the Pikachu and explained to me while Pikachu was recovering, that when a Pokemon is in the ball it places them in a sort of suspended animation, which allows them too age a bit slower then they would if they were not in the ball.  When a Pokemon stays in their too long they can become extremely fatigued and weak and doesn't have the strength to brake out of the ball themselves.  He said I was lucky to bring him in when I did because if he stayed in there too long it could've died. 

I thanked Professor Oak for everything, but I really needed to get home, my parents must be worried sick, I left Pikachu their for him to recover a bit more and headed home.   

"Peter Ketch where have you've been", yelled my mom. 

"Mom I can explain", I said.

 "And what's that bruise on your head did you get into a fight", my Mom said. 

Good thing my dad was at work he would've yelled at me even more.  I explained everything to my mom about how I got a little lost, about my encounter with the Pidgeotto, and the Pikachu that I found.  She was worried about the Pidgeotto attacking me but was more worried about the condition of the Pikachu and said I could go back up to Professor Oak's lab once I got washed up and had some lunch.

I finished lunched and headed for the Professor's lab.  When I got there Pikachu looked healthy and it was even entertaining the professor and his aides.  It immediately jumped into my arms when it saw me walked in and gave me a welcome "pikachu" in it's cute baby like voice.  Professor Oak saw how much Pikachu seemed to like me and offered me the chance to train it as a licensed Pokemon trainer.  He said Pikachu was even perfect as a starter Pokemon since it was at a low enough level for me to be able to handle him (around level 8).  Since I scored fourth and had my own pokemon he gave me an exception on the three trainers a year policy. 

Of course I still had to get an o.k. from my parents though.  I broke the news to my parents, at first my mom didn't want to see me go but understood how much I wanted to be a trainer and how disappointed I was finishing at fourth place.  My dad was actually kind of happy for me he said he always wanted to be a trainer himself, but couldn't score well on the exam and also his parents wouldn't allow him to be a trainer.  I guess he's trying to fulfill his goal of being a great Pokemon trainer vicariously through me. 

I rushed up to Professor Oak's lab to receive my Pokedex license. When he gave me a bit of advice, he warned me not to rush my Pikachu into the pokeball right away since it suffered a very tragic experience being trapped inside the ball like that and it would need time to be able to trust the ball again.  I thanked him once again and decided to let Pikachu ride on my shoulder as I ran home.  There I finished packing my things for my journey, which I will begin first thing tomorrow morning.


Chapter three  


            The day begun with good-byes as I parted ways with my parents and headed north through the forest there was a makeshift route that one could follow to Viridian City.  So I headed that way hoping to capture my first pokemon.  After a couple hours I didn't even spot one.  The Pokemon around here probably know that a lot of people travel this route and are afraid of being captured so they steer clear of this path.  Wandering around hopelessly through the forest spotting only a few Squirrels, I even threw a pokeball at one though it didn't work, my pokedex explained that when a pokeball hits something it first scans for a moment to find the pokemon DNA before opening up for the capture. 

            I finally spotted a Rattata but it ran away before Pikachu could even charge up for a thundershock to weaken it.  Instead of wasting my time trying to find pokemon I decided to train my Pikachu, after awhile of trying to hone it's thundershock aim we finally settled down for a rest.   Just then a female nidoran beamed right pass me a second later a vulpix showed up and I seemed to have scared it as it stopped running.  It seemed like it was giving chase to that nidoran as I was about to give Pikachu the command to thundershock so I can capture it a boy came running up to me.

            "What, what are you doing", he yelled. 

"Oh I'm sorry is that your vulpix", I replied. 

"Yeah, (panting) did you see where that nidoran went", he said as he was calming down. 

"Um it went that way but it's long gone now", I said. 

"Man I was hoping to make a pokemon capture too", he whined. 

"You're not making much progress in capturing pokemon either huh", I said. 

"Nah the Pidgeys and Spearows keep flying away, Rattata's are to scared to put up a fight, and that was the first nidoran I've spotted so far", more whining from him, "You have any luck". 

"So far I've spotted a Rattata, but this is only my first day as a Pokemon trainer", I answered. 

"What's your name", he asked. 

"Peter Ketch". 

"I'm Mike Lane now that we've been introduced how about a pokemon battle", he insisted. 

"Well I dunno I've haven't had a real pokemon battle yet, but there's a first time for every thing", I said.

            With that the battle begins.  Being quite faster then Pikachu, Vulpix started things with a quick attack and knocking Pikachu a few feet back.  As Vulpix lunged in for another attack, Pikachu electrified its body and shocked Vulpix on contact.  "Ember attack now", commanded Mike.  Being a little dazed from the shock Vulpix fired embers at Pikachu, which he evaded and since it was already charged up it fired a strong thundershock at Vulpix knocking it down and paralyzing it too. 

"Yes, my first real victory", I said excitedly.  Looking down at Mike tending to his Vulpix I felt a little guilty, "Is your Vulpix gonna be all right". 

"Yeah nothing a little paralyzes heal, potion, and some rest in the pokeball won't help", he replied. 

            "Look where you headed", I asked.

"Well I'm thinking of heading to Celadon City, but I'll probably hang around here for awhile maybe I'll get lucky and find a good Pokemon to capture". 

"I'm heading for Viridian City".

"Oh that's where I'm from, be sure to check out the Viridian city gym.  The Gym leader, Giovanni, has some awesome ground pokemon there, but you'll be crazy to challenge him he's like a hundred times out of your league", interrupted Mike.

“Umm sure", I said, since we were heading in different directions we said are good-byes.

            With Pikachu triumphantly riding on my shoulder we wondered around the forest for a couple more hours before settling down for the night.  As I fall asleep I wonder what tomorrow would hold, probably my first pokemon capture well maybe.


Chapter four


            While rummaging through the forest on my way to Viridian City, Pikachu sensed something near by and signaled me to follow him.  When Pikachu stopped he pointed towards a sleeping Abra, “Whoa what’s an Abra doing here”, I exclaimed.  It was resting against a tree while saying it’s name “Aaaabra” in its sleep almost like it’s in a trance. 

            “Ok Pikachu, charge up and on my mark fire a thundershock at it”, I whispered not wanting to wake the Abra up.  “Now”, with that Pikachu fired a thundershock hardest it can at the Abra, but at the last second the Abra disappeared and Pikachu’s thundershock hit the tree the Abra was resting on.

            “What happened”!!  I flipped open my pokedex to get information on Abras.  The pokedex told me that Abra’s and its evolved forms are the only known species of pokemon that are able to use teleportation.  “So that’s what it did, but how did it know that I was getting ready to attack it when it was asleep”, interrupting me, the pokedex went off again telling me that even though Abra’s are known too sleep up to twenty hours a day they are still, to some degree, fully aware of its surroundings.  “Why do they sleep that much”, I asked again.  According to the pokedex while resting, Abra’s stores up psychic energy, because it taxes them a great deal in order to teleport themselves away from danger. 

            “Oh so all I have to do is find and Abra that has just recently teleported, since its psychic energy will be drained it’ll be helpless and easy to catch”.  The pokedex interrupted me again, saying that when an Abra doesn’t have the power to execute a teleportation, it will often use its only other known psychic ability, psyshock, which paralyzes its enemies while it makes it’s escape.

            “Well so much for capturing an Abra huh Pikachu”, “Pika”, it replied in a low voice.  “I guess we’ll just have to settle for a Pidgey instead”, I said excitedly, as I just noticed a group of Pidgeys eating some worms nearby.  “Pikachu, same plan, charge up and get as close as you can to the Pidgeys without scaring them away and on my cue thundershock that big one to the right.  “Pi”, it acknowledged and got into position.  “Thundershock now”, I yelled frightening the Pidgeys as they flew away, Pikachu’s thundershock connected with the big Pidgey in mid air which made the thundershock attack twice as powerful since the Pidgey was no longer grounded.  “Pokeball go”, the pokeball hit it and transformed the Pidgey into pure energy and sucked him in, which after that devastating thundershock it just received from Pikachu, offered very little resistance to the pokeball.

            “Yes my first Pokemon capture”, I said wildly while holding my hands up in triumph.  I released the Pidgey from the pokeball to heal it with super potion, almost immediately when I sprayed the super potion on it, it healed and regained consciousness.  At first the Pidgey was confused and frightened of me, the pokedex explained to me that upon capture the pokeball somewhat brain washes a pokemon to make it obedient.  A pokemon will often become confused on what just happened being sucked up into the pokeball like that and it takes them awhile to get used to it. 

            “I guess that must’ve been a very frightening experience for you Pidgey”,  “Pidgey pid”, it chirped sadly.  “Well you don’t have to be scared any more since your coming along with us on our journey”, I said. ”Pikachu”, responded Pikachu.  With Pikachu on one shoulder and Pidgey on the other it was on to Viridian.

            Making my way to the main path to Viridian, “Hey”, I noticed a boy sleeping next to a tree like that Abra awhile back.  The Oddish it was sleeping next too woke up its trainer when it saw me come by. 

“Oddish, Oddish”, the Oddish said as it shook its trainer up.

“Huh what”, he saw me standing their and asked, ”Umm who are you”. 

“I’m a trainer from Pallet town, my name is Peter”. 

“(Yawning) Oh I’m Jim, sorry still a little sleepy, nice Pidgey and Pikachu”. 

“Is that an Oddish, I’ve always wanted one”, I inquired. 

“Yeah I caught this one when I accidentally stepped on its head when it was buried underground, it sprayed stun spore me all over my leg and tried to escape, but luckily my Rattata was able to pin it down for me to capture it”.

 “Did it hurt being stun spored”, I asked.

 “Hell yeah I couldn’t move for an hour, I think the stun spore affects humans more then they do pokemon, since sometimes in battle my Oddish’s stun spore doesn’t even do anything to the other pokemon.” 

“Well pokemon are different from humans and other animals they’re able they heal a lot faster”, I said. 

“How do you know that”, he question. 

“Well, being a pokemon trainer you have a lot of free time, its not like you battle everyday or something, I just spend my time reading about this kind of stuff about Pokemon and catching up on school work.” 

“Yeah no one ever mentions it being this boring, but its way better then staying home and having to go to school”, Jim replied, “say (changing the subject) how many battles have you’ve won so far”.

“Just one so far”, I answered

“That’s it I’m on my ninth victory”.

“Well I’ve only had one battle so far”, defending myself. 

“So you just started training, when did you start?”

“About five days ago, you”, I answered back.

“So far it’s been about a month I guess.  Any ways while we’re here let’s have a pokemon battle I’m looking forward too my tenth victory”, Jim said.

“Sure, ever the optimists aren’t you”. 

“I’m guessing that Pidgey and Pikachu are your only pokemon so lets make it a 2 on 2 all out battle”, Jim proposed.

“Fine by me”, I replied.

            “Oddish your up”, Jim called. 

“Pidgey, I choose you”, I said.  The battle begun immediately with the more experienced Oddish starting things off with a poison powder attack.

“Gust attack”, Pidgey blew the poison powder back at Oddish, but the Oddish spread it’s leaves on top of its head covering its body and the poison powder fell harmlessly on it’s leaves which are not affected by its own poison powder.

“Now the acid attack”, commanded Jim, the Oddish sprayed couple of streams of acid at Pidgey.  Which managed to dodge some of the attacks, but was hit on the right wing bringing it crashing to the ground. 

“Finish it off, Oddish”.

“No, Pidgey return”, I returned it to the pokeball.  “Pikachu go”, “Piii”, Pikachu ran up to face the Oddish, ”Pikachu thundershock”.  Pikachu thundershocked Oddish, but it didn’t seem that hurt by it as it quickly sprayed Pikachu with stun spore. 

“Oddish absorb”, commanded Jim. 

“Pikachu, fight the paralysis and try another thundershock,” I said panicking, but it was to late as Oddish ran up to Pikachu, wrapped him up with it’s leafs and started glowing while Pikachu started to yell in pain.

“Stop the match”, I said, pleading.

“Huh”, “I said stop the match please”. 

“Oddish stop, come back”, said Jim, as it came back to its trainers side.  “Usually during a match you’re supposed to return you’re pokemon to their pokeball to stop a match”.

“I know but my Pikachu’s afraid of the pokeball right now”.

“Oh… I’m sorry”, Jim said, apologizing.  I took out my bottle of super potion and healed Pikachu as well as Pidgey when I released it from the pokeball.  Also I had Pikachu swallow the paralyses heal serum to stop the paralyses affect the stun spore had on him. 

“You ok Pikachu, Pidgey”.

“Kachu”, “gey pid”, both responded. 

“That’s ok can’t win them all I guess, you know (speaking to Jim) that’s an amazing Oddish you got there.  If I keep on losing like that it’s going to cost me a fortune in pokemon aids.” 

“Yeah too tell you the truth since I caught Oddish it’s the only pokemon I really trained that well, I need better pokemon how about a trade for one of my other pokemon, I see great potential in that Pikachu”, asked Jim. 

“No way, Pikachu’s my first pokemon I’ll never trade him”, I said angrily. 

“Hey calm down can’t blame me for trying, hmm it looks like your headed to Viridian City the main path is just over there (pointing).” 

“Thanks I was headed that way until I spotted you, you headed towards Viridian also”, I asked. 

“No, actually I’m going to your hometown Pallet, I want to visit Professor Oaks research facility I heard good things about it”, “yeah be sure too tell him I sent you and don’t mention anything about me losing too you, I don’t want him already having doubts about me training so early in my journey”.

“Sure”, chuckled Jim.

We shook hands and said goodbye.  Going down the main path, Viridian City was just coming in to site over the horizon.  Once I reached there I know their will be no turning back on pokemon training as I make my way to the Pokemon League.


Chapter five


            I finally reached the Viridian city Pokemon center, which I’m currently engaged in a pokemon match outside of its parameters.  The other trainer and I have decided on a one on one match where we’d pick our pokemon at the same time to ensure the battle will be fair and no quarrels over which pokemon types used will arise.  This is a common method used in Official Pokemon battles by the way.  I waited till the second the Pokeball he’d chosen left his hand and called Pikachu into battle.  Pikachu ran to the middle of the field and waited to see what pokemon it’ll have to battle materialize right in front of him.  Another Pikachu!  

            “Quick attack Pikachu”, we both commanded at the same time.  Which had both Pikachu’s confused for a moment before executing the attack.  My Pikachu managed to evade the other Pikachu’s quick attack,

“Used the tail whip Pikachu”, I said.  What I didn’t expect was that the other Pikachu did tail whip as well when it heard me said it and the Pikachus’ just ended up tail whipping each other’s tail. 

“I didn’t want you to use tail whip Pikachu, tackle it”, the other trainer said.  Both Pikachu’s responding to their names and tackled each other. 

“No don’t do what the other trainer said Pikachu, thundershock now”, I told it. 

“Pikachu quick attack”, the other trainer said.  Pikachu and the other Pikachu at this moment are getting real confused on which voice is who as they are trying to concentrate on the battle and they’re having a difficult time trying too distinguish our voices from each other at the same time. 

“Pikachu why are you doing a quick attack I said thundershock”, I yelled.

“No Pikachu don’t do what he says and finish your quick attack”, the other trainer yelled.  The Pikachu’s just stopped what they were doing and both looked at us with a confused look.

“Chu pika”, both said in unison. 

            “This battle is going nowhere they can’t tell our voices apart from one another.  Lets just call it a draw ok,” said the other trainer. 

“Yeah lets call it a draw.  (Speaking too Pikachu) I’m sorry I yelled at you”, I said. 

“Chu chuu”, Pikachu responded with his head down. 

“You know what”, I asked. 

“Umm what”, said the other trainer. 

“I’ve been thinking for a while now on a name for my Pikachu”.

“Considering the battle we just had I think I might name my Pikachu too.  What you have in mind”, he queried. 

“Well I read in a Physics book that the unit of energy is a Joule and no other Pokemon have more energy then electric Pokemon so I guess I’ll name Pikachu, Joule.  What do you think, would Joule be ok for you Pikachu?” 

“Piii”, Pikachu said while giving an un-conforming nod. 

“Don’t worry you’ll get used too it, Joule it is then, now I’ll probably have to think of a name for my Pidgey as well.”

            The other trainer speaking, “What should be a good name for my Pikachu then, maybe Leon or Spark?”

“Phone call for a Ben Lee”, interrupted a Pokemon center Nurse. 

“Oh hey that’s me, see you later man I hope we have another match someday, let’s go Pikachu”, he said as he ran back inside the Pokemon center with his Pikachu to make his call. 

“We ought to be going too Pi uh I mean Joule, let’s check out Giovanni’s gym”

            After a short walk I finally made it, “So here it is the famous Viridian city gym”, before going inside, I noticed the sign on the door, it said.

This gym is sanction under the Official Pokemon league as a Ground type gym.  Upon defeating the Gym Leader a trainer will receive the Earth Badge.

            I opened the door and proceeded in and was met immediately by a junior trainer. 

            “What do you think you’re doing here little boy, surely you’re not here to challenge the master?”

            “I’m just here too observe and who are you to call me a little boy,” I snickered back. 

            “Fine then, the Master is in his office and asked not to be disturbed, while you’re here I challenge you to a battle on the center rink”.

            “Ok I accept”, while walking toward the center rink I noticed other trainers, all disciples of Giovanni, most of them were battling on the side rinks with ground as well as other types of pokemon. 

            “How much Pokemon”, the junior trainer asked.

            “Excuse me”, I said

            “How much pokemon shall we use to battle”.

            “I only have two”

            Interrupting me, “fine then two on two all out battle, we shall draw the first pokemon at the same time”.

            “Yes I’m aware of the rules of an all out battle”, I said, smirking. 

            The rules, according to the Pokemon league, of an all out battle is that both trainers first agree on the number of pokemon to be used in battle, then they shall draw their first Pokemon at the same time to ensure fairness.  After the first match has been won the winning trainer can decide to keep their original pokemon in the battle until it loses or when they feel the need to switch pokemon.  If switched that pokemon can no longer be used in battle.  This would continue on until the last pokemon is left, before the winning trainer is decided.

            With pokeballs in hand the battle begins, both calling at the same time, “Shellder”, “Pidgey”. 

            “All right Pidgey Gust attack”, I commanded.

            “Withdraw”, the junior trainer responded back.  Pidgey gusted Shellder around, but it’s rock hard shell completely protected it from any damage. 

            “Clamp it now Shellder”, Shellder was able to flung itself up high by rapidly opening up its upper shell and clamped down hard on Pidgey’s side, bringing it down. 

            “Arggh return Pidgey”, returning Pidgey to its pokeball,  “I’m counting on you Joule”.


            “ Joule thundershock”

            “Shellder withdraw”, Shellder’s fully enclosed shell repelled Joule’s thundershock attack.

            “Oh no”, I whispered to myself. 

            “What’s going to be your plan now boy”, remarked the junior trainer. 

            “This battle isn’t over yet, Joule charge up and the second that Shellder opens its shell hit it with everything you got”,

            “Chuu”, Joule cried, while charging up.

            “Huh”, startled the junior trainer.  After a moment of a virtual standstill with Shellder still withdrawn in its shell and Joule ever so charging up.  “Humph why take the risk, Shellder return, you don’t really expect too win in a Ground type gym with a Pikachu do you, I choose Diglett, go”, the Junior trainer threw his Pokeball and out came a Mole Pokemon smaller then Joule. 

            “Quickly Joule thundershock now”, Joule discharged all the electricity it was building up against the Shellder, but the Diglett quickly dug under ground before the thundershock could connect. 

            “What”, I exclaimed. 

            “Ha, the ground in this gym is soft and fertile, perfect for my Diglett to execute its Dig attack”. 

            “Joule watch out for the Diglett”, just after I finished the sentence the Diglett burst out from underneath the ground and head butted Joule square in the gut, knocking him down and left him gasping for air. 

]           “No not again, you win, I give”, I ran to the field and picked up Joule in my arms.

            Not another loss, I thought to myself.  “If you can’t defeat me then there is no way you can even think of taking on the master.  Why don’t you leave this gym and after you’ve defeated all the other weaker gyms then maybe you’ll have a chance, goodbye”, after he said that he went over to the other trainers who were watching our match and started bragging about it.  Angry, but no longer feeling like defending myself, I left the gym and slowly headed back to the Viridian city Pokecenter.