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            A week has passed since the big competition of Pewter, where Julie ended up as the victor, and both hers and Brock’s Caterpies was able to evolve into Metapods.  Throughout the whole time after the evolution of their Caterpies, Brock and Julie calmly waited for their pokemon to evolve into beautiful Butterfrees.  So they laid their Metapods by a tree in Brocks backyard for the two cocoons to keep each other company. 

            During this rather slow and long week, Brock and Julie often went looking for other pokemon, not for capture though.  Since they wouldn’t stand much of a chance against a wild pokemon, without any active pokemon of their own to battle them with.  Instead Julie was more interested in collecting information for her shiny new Pokedex.  They went on several information-gathering expeditions, where they collected info from some of the wild pokemon that resides around Pewter.

            Out well beyond the Pewter city limits near the foothills of Mount Moon, Julie and Brock were out in another one of these expeditions.  “There it is Brock, Mount Moon”, Julie said with admiration of the legendary Mountain.

            “Yeah, when our Metapods finally evolve into Butterfrees, we can take them along with us to Mount Moon.  With any luck maybe we can capture some new pokemon”, Brock said.

            “I’ve always wanted to visit Mount Moon, but our parents always said it was to dangerous because of the all the wild Pokemon that lives around and inside the Mountain.  Now that our Metapods are about to evolve into Butterfrees, my Mom said that I could”

            “I can’t wait, I heard a lot of rock Pokemon lives up there and if you’re lucky you might even sight an Onix.  We better head back home, our Metapods, according to you’re Pokedex, should evolve sometime after sunset…”

            “Ok, you know we got pretty lucky this time.  We spotted a Jigglypuff, a Meowth, and a Diglett”, Julie commented, “To bad we couldn’t catch any of them, I’m going to need more Pokemon if I plan to be a great Pokemon Trainer”

            They trudged their way home well before sunset, they wouldn’t miss the evolutions of their Metapods for the world.  When they went to Brock’s backyard, where the Metapods are, all of Brock’s younger siblings have already crowded around the two cocoons. 

            “Guys you’re going to have to give them a little room, just any minute now and we’ll have ourselves a pair of Butterfrees”, Brock said.  Any minute now, turned out to be hours.  It was dark and 2 in the morning, Brock’s mom hurried the kids to bed hours ago.  While Julie and Brock kept each other awake waiting for it to happen.

            “I don’t get it, Denise (the name Julie gave to her Pokedex) told us, that our Metapods would evolve tonight”, Julie said, with a little frustration in her voice.  “Oh well, I guess only the Pokemon would really know when they would evolve…”

            Brock yawning, “Sorry, but I’m going to get some sleep, you better head home before your mom gets worried”.  As the two turned their backs and headed for the house, a white-hot blinding light shone from behind them, followed by crackling noises.

            Quickly turning around, “They’re evolving”, both of them shouted.  Slowly a large crack formed on the back of both Metapods, followed by white light shining out from the cracks.  Almost simultaneously two large heads popped out, followed by glittery wings, and next came the rest of the bodies.  Afterwards, the light dimmed away, the backyard light illuminating the two Butterfrees, as they flapped their wings and took off for their inaugural flights together. 

Both of them circling around Brock and Julie chanting out, “Freee freee butterfreee”, to the delight of their trainers.

“There so beautiful”, Julie said, with her head tilted up and jaw wide open. 

“Yeah”, Brock responded.  Julie and Brock kept awake for another hour; playing and admiring their Butterfrees, before it was time to get some much needed sleep.  For the Butterfrees, they were too filled with new life in them to go to sleep, and after being stuck motionless for a week, they flew around energetically.  Discovering the whole new world around them, under the light of a crescent moon.



It was morning now, and Julie awakens to find her Butterfree sleeping next to her.  Julie had left the second story bedroom window open that night, for her Butterfree to fly in, when it was finished with his midnight flight with Brock’s Butterfree.  “Did you have fun last night”, Julie said to her half awoken Butterfree.

“Butter butter freee freee”, the Butterfree sounded out, slowly getting up.

“You remember the conversation Brock and I had with the two of you when you were Metapods, right”?

“Free”, Butterfree nodded.

“Well now that the two of you are Butterfrees, we can finally go hike up to Mt. Moon.  I know you’ll love it up there with all the wild plants and flowers surrounding the mountain.  We might even get to meet new Pokemon on the way”

“Free free freeee”, it said with delight, hovering about the room.

“After we finish packing for the trip and breakfast, we’ll head over to Brock’s house, to began the trip”



Brock had woken to the sounds of his ten younger siblings laughing and playing with his Butterfree downstairs.  The children watch with grins on their faces, as the Butterfree hovers around and play air tricks in front them.  Brock dresses up in his usual everyday attire and heads down stairs, immediately his Butterfree landed on the boy’s extended left forearm.  Brock’s siblings’ crowds around him once again, wanting to pet the Butterfree, before their Mom breaks them up and seated them down for Breakfast. 

At the breakfast table, “Your Butterfree came in quite late last night, it must’ve had a good time with Julie’s Butterfree”, Brock’s Mom mentioned.

“Yeah, when we left them for the night, they were to full of energy to fall to sleep.  Those two are like soul mates, they can’t stand to be apart from one another”, Brock said.

“Kind of like you and Julie”, Brock blushed silently at his mom’s remark, and got up quickly when the doorbell rung. 

“Julie!  You’re here pretty early”, Brock said, welcoming Julie and her Butterfree in.  Brock’s Butterfree quickly flew out to greet Julie’s Butterfree.

“Well I wanted to start early, so you finished packing yet”

“No sorry, I just woke up, after breakfast I’ll pack the gear up for Mt. Moon”, after he finished breakfast, he headed upstairs, while Julie stayed in the kitchen to chat with his Mom.  Leaving him a bit queasy that his Mom might reveal his feelings towards Julie somehow. “Ok Julie I’m ready to go”, he said, heading downstairs toward the front door.

“Sure, Bye Mrs. Takeshi, it was fun chatting with you”, Julie waved goodbye to Brock’s Mom and siblings as she headed out the door.

“Bye Mom, our trip might last till tomorrow, so we packed are camping gear as well”

“Be safe out there, and don’t come back until you got some new Pokemon Okay”, Brock’s Mom smiled as the two headed out, something she hasn’t been doing as much lately.

It was a rather fast trip up to Mt. Moon, because they have already mapped out the trails on their previous expeditions.  On the way they had plenty of chances to test out their Butterfrees new skills.  Barely escaping a flock of Pidgeys; they foolishly tried to stand up against, resulting in their Butterfrees getting bathed in Potion.  Trying endlessly to capture any of the many scurrying Rattata’s that immediately hide when they come into sight. 

The highpoint of the trip is when a pair of trainers they met on the way challenged them to a Pokemon battle.  Julie won her first battle against one of the trainer’s Ivysaur; a flash of confusion, and a pinch of stun spore was enough to take down the Grass Pokemon.  Brock on the other hand lost his, as his Butterfree couldn’t stand up to the rapid barrages of a Wartortle’s Water gun and Bubble attacks.  The two pair of trainers thanked each other on well-fought matches and headed on their respective ways.

Reaching the famed Mountain at last, they couldn’t wait to get inside, using one of the many Onix and Dugtrio dug tunnels as their entry way.  Upon entering the tunnels, Julie noticed one of the laces on her hiking boots were loose, so she sat down on a small boulder to lace them back up.

Brock waited for her to tie the shoelaces on her hiking boots, when he suddenly notices that that was no boulder Julie just sat on, “Julie get up, that thing your sitting on is a…”, before Brock could finish his sentence.  The Geodude Julie was sitting on, revealed it’s two arms, grabbed Julie by the waist and threw her off several feet away from it.

“Oww”, Julie screamed hitting the ground hard, “Ugh I can’t believe I just sat on a Geodude.  Arghh, this Geodude is mine, Butterfree go”, she released her Butterfree from its Pokeball.  Before she could order out her Butterfree to attack, the Geodude responded by picking up a big rock beside it, and threw it at the Butterfree.  The Butterfree got knocked out, when the rock smashed onto his head, afterwards the Geodude tried to roll away and make an escape for it.

“Not so fast Geodude, Butterfree go”, Brock releasing his Butterfree now.  The Butterfree quickly flew to intercept the escaping Geodude, the rock Pokemon retaliated by hurling another rock at Brock’s Butterfree, this time barely grazing the wing of the Butterfly.  “Sleep Powder now”, Brock shouted, his Butterfree quickly swooped down and unleashed an escapable cloud of Sleep Powder over the Geodude, succumbing, the Geodude gave in and fell to sleep.  Brock quickly took out a Pokeball from behind his belt, and caught the Geodude.

“Wow Brock, you caught the Geodude”, Julie was getting up from where she was thrown to congratulate Brock when, “Oww”, she screamed again tumbling to the ground.

“Julie are you okay”, Brock shouted.

“I’m okay, nothings broken or anything, my legs just bruised”

“Then we better rest here for awhile before heading in to one of the tunnels”

“Sure, it looks like my Butterfree could use a little potion”, Julie’s Butterfree slowly got up, barely keeping itself stable as it walked over to his trainer, “Don’t worry Butterfree we’ll get the next Geodude”, she smiled towards the Butterfree.

After a late lunch or early dinner, Julie felt that her leg was well enough to continue on with the trip.  Entering one of the tunnels, the eyes of their Butterfrees, glowed a dim crimson red to illuminate their way around.  Dark shadows scurrying about on the tunnel walls, distance screeches from Zubats could be heard from all around, and trailing their way through more and more unfamiliar grounds, made them felt very uneasy and cautious.

“Maybe we should turn back, this place gives me the creeps”, Julie whispered to Brock.

“A true Pokemon Master fears nothing, right”, Brock whispered back.

“Right, lets move on”

Moving on, they come across a giant cave, with a water stream running across it.  Further inside this cave, they could hardly keep themselves from gagging, from a horrible stench around them.  That’s when something drops on top of Brocks shoulder, “What the heck is this”, he said, scraping it off with his fingers, and immediately noticing it’s putrid smell.

“It looks like bird droppings”, instinctively Julie looks up, “Brock don’t look up”

“Why”, too late Brock looks up and notices the cave is filled with a whole roost of Zubats hanging from the ceiling, “Lets, lets get out here”, he stuttered.

Running frantically towards an exiting tunnel, they were finally noticed by several Zubats, which were closing in on them.  Around 15 or so followed them inside a tunnel.

“What are we going to do, there’s to many of them”, Brock said to Julie, while running as fast as he could to escape.

“On my Pokedex, it said that Zubats are weak against Psychic attacks, and our Butterfrees already know Confusion, so are only hope is to fight back” Julie told Brock.

“Ready when you are then”

“Ok then… NOW”

“Butterfrees use your Confusion attack now”, both of them commanded.  The two Butterfrees stopped in mid-flight, and turn around, eyes glowing a bright crimson red this time, and together they let out a bright flash of confusion to send the Zubats retreating back to their cave.  All except for one that was to confused and was letting out its fury at anything it could come across.  It managed to wing attack Brock’s Butterfree sending it slamming to the wall.  Julie orders her Butterfree for a tackle; the Zubat got reamed from behind, sending it on retreat, before being sucked in by Julie’s Pokeball.  Two, three shakes later, and it was caught.

“That, that was even scarier then the flock of Pidgeys we ran across earlier”, Brock said, panting trying to catch his breath.

“I know, at least one good thing came out of it”, Julie said, holding up her Pokeball, that holds the first Pokemon she ever caught, her Zubat.

Looking around the tunnel they’re in, Brock gets very concerned, “Umm, where exactly are we now, this isn’t the tunnel we came in from”

“I think the tunnel we came in from is on the other side of that Zubat cave, we can’t go back there.  So we’re just going to have to forge on ahead in this tunnel”

“There are a lot of entrances and exits to Mt. Moon, I hope this leads to one soon”

After healing all of their Pokemon (including Geodude and Zubat) incase they run into anymore dangerous Pokemon, they continued on. 

“It’s getting late”, Brock said, while in the deep tunnel.

“How can you tell, we have been here for a while though”, Julie replied.

“My Internal Clock says it’s half past 7 pm”

“Well my Internal Stomach is telling me it’s hungry and wants dinner, which is how I can tell it’s around 7 too”

“Should’ve packed more of my Moms Rice balls and cans of Spam, but instead I filled up my backpack up with Butterfree bits, no offense to you guys [Butterfrees] though”, The Butterfrees shake their heads in agreement, with Butterfree bits in their mouths.

“Here I’ve got some Energy bars in my Backpack, this should hold us off till morning, it is getting late and I want to find a way out of here before it gets pitch dark outside”

“Speaking of getting dark, I heard that Onix’s like to emerge from their lairs at night”, Brock informed her, “They spend most of the day underground soaking up Nutrients in the soil and emerge at night to feed off of tree leaves”

“All the more reason for us to try and get out of this Mountain, so we can catch some Onix’s during their nightly feedings”


“Something a matter Brock”, Julie asked.

“I just realized something, this tunnel that we’re walking in is leading us downward”

“You’re right and the Tunnel walls are getting wider and wider as we advance ahead”

“This could mean one thing… Ahh did you feel that”, Brock responding to a tremor he thought he felt

“I think I did… there it is again”, Julie felt the tremor this time.

“We better get out of here now”

“Why what is Brock”, Julie was interrupted with an Onix crashing in from the side of the Tunnel.

“Ooooniiiix”, The Onix roared, shacking the whole tunnel around them.

“That’s why, we were heading straight for an Onix’s Lair, and I don’t think this guy is all to happy about that”, Brock yelling over the Onix’s roar.

“Well you always wanted to capture an Onix, now here’s your chance, Butterfree attack”

“Julie no”, Brock tried to stop her and make a run for it.  He knows that battling an Onix in such close quarters like the tunnel they were in was dangerous.

Julie didn’t listen though, “Butterfree Knock the Onix out with Confusion”, Julie ordered, nonetheless Brock sent his Butterfree to help take down the Onix.  The Confusion backfired on them; it just made the Onix overly confused, sending it mad and slamming against the tunnels interior.  Sending down debris of earth and rock on the group.  Julies Butterfree was knocked out when a giant clump of Earth crashed down on him from the ceiling.  Brock barely saved Julie from the same fate, and quickly orders his Butterfree to use Sleep Powder.

Brock’s Butterfree released her blue dust into the air at the Onix.  The Onix tries to escape the Sleep Powder by sifting it’s head away from it, but the back draft it created just carried the Powder and made it follow the path of it’s head movements.  Also it had the consequence of spreading the sleep powder all over the tunnel, Brocks Butterfree was even put to sleep by it’s own powder, followed by Julie.  Brock fighting to stay awake with his shirt over his nose, waited until the giant Rock Pokemon gave in to the sleep powder.  After the Onix fell, Brock took out another Pokeball, and caught the slumbering giant.  Clutching the Pokeball that holds the Onix in his hands, Brock too succumbed to the blue dust and fell to sleep.



Morning now, still as dark as ever in the tunnels, but it was morning outside nonetheless.  Julie frantically shakes Brock awake, “Julie what is it”, he said.

“My Butterfree is still buried under all that rock and dirt, we have to get him out of there”

“Do you know where he is”?

“Butterfree’s under that huge clump of dirt over there”, Julie pointed.

“Alright then, Geodude help us out”, Brock unleashed his Geodude to help with the digging.  A short time later they finally unearth Julies battered Butterfree.

“Butterfree are you alright say something”, Julie cried.

“Don’t worry Julie, your Butterfree’s still breathing it’s just unconscious, now where’s that Potion bottle of yours…”

“Here it is”, Julie took out the Potion bottle from her Pocket, and applied it all over her Butterfree.

“Some rest in the Pokeball before we can get him to a Pokecenter, should heal him fully”, Brock went over and shook his Butterfree awoke after that, “Now we’re going to have to get out of here”

“I’m too tired and hungry to wonder aimlessly in this mountain, and I don’t think were going to find a way out of this place anytime soon”, Julie sighed.

“You don’t have to, my Onix can dig us out here in no time”

“You, you caught that Onix, that’s incredible”

“Right before I passed out, I made sure the Onix would go down before I did, so I could capture it.  Stand back, this guys big one, Onix go”, Brock released his Onix in front of him.

“Oooooon”, the Onix roared upon materializing from the Pokeball.

“How you feeling big guy”, Brock asked.

“Nixx”, it shook its head ok.

“Good, we’re going to need you to dig us out of here, we’ve got injured Pokemon that needs to be healed properly at a Pokecenter”, the Onix dug a tunnel leading to the outside, and later retrieved Brock and Julie.  The place the Onix lead them to was only a few meters from the entrance they used to get inside the mountain, giving them a good sense of direction on the way home.

Riding Onix all the way home, on the way Brock’s Butterfree and Julie’s Zubat picked apples and pears from nearby trees for their hungry trainers, while Onix continually grazed on leaves the rest of the way.  First stop before heading to their respective homes, Julie dropped off her Butterfree to the Pokecenters care, everywhere they went the people just couldn’t help but notice the giant Rock snake Julie and Brock were riding on.  They finally reached their homes to the relief of their parents, while Brock’s siblings were climbing all over their brothers new Onix, they told their Parents about the incredible adventure they just had, all over a nice big lunch.