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Part V

            The second day of the competition has started out with a Battle between Gina Nolan, a trainer from Azure city, and Brock.  Out in the only water field of the whole Pokemon complex, the battle rages on…

            “Come on Brock, you can defeat Gina and her Poliwag”, Julie from the sidelines, cheered Brock on.

            Out on the water fields, there are 5 platforms above the water, for pokemon to battle on.  As Brock’s Caterpie and Gina’s Poliwag battle, the Poliwag plays on the defensive side, by hiding in the water, and emerging whenever it sees the opportunity for a water gun attack.  While Brock’s Caterpie is getting pounded with wave after wave of water gun attacks.

            “Caterpie, get off the platforms and take the battle into the water, where Poliwag’s water gun would have no effect”, Brock commanded.  Caterpie jumped into the water to meet the Poliwag, where they continue to exchange each other’s tackles. 

            “Bad strategy, all-right Poliwag, now it’s time for the hypnosis”, Gina ordered. 

            “Oh no”, Brock yelled out, concerned for his Caterpie.  Caterpie caught itself staring at the Poliwag’s stomach, as it admits it’s hypnotic waves.  With Brock yelling at the top of his lungs and the growing need for air, Caterpie broke out of the hypnotic trance, closed it’s eyes and like a torpedo through the water.  It shot out of the water and into one of the platforms, ramming Poliwag at full speed in the process.

            Poliwag, hurt and fazed by the attack, gave Caterpie the chance to catch its second wind.  Poliwag itself barely got the chance to recover from Caterpie’s attack, before Gina started to bark out some more orders, “Poliwag it’s time for you to take the fight to the opponent and give it all you got”.

            “Poli poli”, the tiny tadpole replied, and sprang out from beneath the water to meet Brock’s Caterpie on the center platform.

“Poliwag, bubble attack”, the bubbles Poliwag emitted, popped all over Caterpie, confusing it.

“Caterpie, tackle attack”, Brock ordered, dazed from the bubbles, Caterpie blindly charged at Poliwag, which maneuvered to the left to dodge the attack.

“Try the Hypnosis again”, Gina said. As Poliwag was about to emit another hypnosis attack…

“String-shot counter attack now”, Brock yelled, Caterpie took a quick breath and really poured on the string shot, disabling the Poliwag’s Hypnosis attack and a couple of hard tackles later, the Poliwag was defeated.

No time for Brock and Julie to celebrate another victory, because Julie’s water field battle was about to start.

“Call me if you need any pointers during the match”

“Don’t worry Brock, after seeing your match, I should be ready anything”, Julie replied.  The match begun, with the opposing trainer throwing his pokeball onto the center platform, and out came a Shellder.  Prompting Julie to do the same with her Caterpie.

“Shellder, Water gun attack now”, the opposing trainer said.  Caterpie trying it’s best to dodge the attacks, but still managed to get nicked by a few.

“Caterpie, try a tackle”, Julie had something up her sleeve, you can tell with the mischievous grin on her face. 

“Shellder withdraw”, the opposing trainer quickly ordered.

Just what Julie expected her opponent to do in response to an offensive attack, “Now Caterpie, use your string-shot”, Caterpie put the brakes on his charge, and completely covered up the Shellder with string shot, gluing it’s shells shut.

“Aww, Shellder do something”, the opposing trainer exclaimed, after a minutes of watching Shellder bob up and down trying to break free from the string shot with no avail. The Referee decided Shellder was unable to battle any longer and announced Julie as the winner.

“Hmm, that was by far the shortest match I’ve witnessed, in this whole competition”, Brock commented, little jealous himself, that Julie was able to defeat her opponent with such ease.

“Hey a wins a win, come on lets go grab a bite to eat, before your next match starts, Brock”.

“Yea, there’s a great concession stand, that sells foot long hot dogs, with all the chili, nacho cheese, pickle relish, mustard, ketchup, and onions, that a hot dog can hold, before having it fall apart on you, and then your stuck with having to eat it with a fork…”



 “How many times have I’ve told you not to let your love for food get in the way of your judgment”.

“Oh, sorry guess I spaced out there again, huh”

Julie, playfully slapping him on the back of his head, “Lets go, personally I like my hotdogs with mouth burning hot sauce and a little bit of garlic powder, so your mouth gets so stank that it grosses the heck out of people”.

“And don’t forget to buy a package of potato chips and crumble it up to add a crunchiness to the hot dogs that everyone loves so much”, Brock getting in another comment, that makes up a perfect hot dog (in his image).  And they say teenagers never engage in intelligent conversations, but with all jokes and silliness aside.  Julie and Brock, contemplates on battle strategies, using the battlefield to their advantage, and exposing their opponents pokemon weaknesses, all while enjoying the perfect hot dog of course.

While Brock and Julie were having this conversation, another boy, sitting at the table next to them, eavesdrop on their conversation.  He apparently pays more attention, to the beautiful young woman that is sitting near him, rather then the guy with whom she is conversing with.  Finding the right time, he butts in with an innocent question aimed squarely at Julie, “So what do you plan to do, if you win the competition”, he politely asked.

Startled, Julie answered, “Oh… hi, I… I guess I’ll become a full time pokemon trainer, with the license they give you if you win, by the way my name is Julie”

“And I’m Bro…”

“My name is Robert”, he announced, interrupting Brock and totally ignoring him too.  “I also plan to become a real pokemon trainer if I win this competition, you know my parents were a little disappointed when I scored in the fifth place of the Verdancy city pokemon league entrance exams, so I’m hoping that I can make them proud by the end of this competition by winning”.

“Of course you’ll have to go through me and Brock to get it you know”, Julie said, and Brock giving a nod.

“But of course, I’m always on the lookout for a little friendly competition, I’m almost afraid I might go a little easy on you”

“You don’t want to go easy on Julie, she’s tough enough to beat…”

“Then again all’s fair in love, war, and pokemon battles”, again Robert brushes off Brock, in the middle of his sentence, and speaks directly to Julie.  The first time Robert did this, Brock didn’t seem to mind, but for the second time, he starts to get suspicious of Robert, and of him being a little bit to friendly with Julie.

For what seemed like hours for Brock, Robert and Julie continued to talk, even though Robert was the one doing most of the questioning, leaving Julie a bit queasy from the undivided attention she is receiving.  Julie glances too Brock every once in awhile, maybe for some sign of a break, which he’s totally out of the loop, because every time he tried to talk, Robert just ignores him even more.  Leading to frustration, for some reason Brock feels that he just wants to go up to Robert and deck him one.  A feeling of anger arises within Brock, feelings he quite not understands, and for every second that this invasive character spends with his best friend the angrier he gets.

Brock’s face starts to redden, and tilts down to the ground, to hide his grimace in front of Julie.  His hands slowly form into fists and veins started to show, all while Robert continue to carry on and noticeably starts to inch closer and closer to where Julie is sitting.  He never felt this way, because there was never a situation that had brought it up till now, and that’s Jealousy!  Extreme Jealously on Brock’s case, at any moment Brock felt that he should jump in and avenge Julie from this strange guy, who’s openly flirting and advancing upon Julie, and to protect not just a friend but also someone he deeply cared for, in a way he dares not admit to himself.

No longer being able to sit there and watch any longer, Brock quickly gets up and, “Julie we have to go”, he said in a stern voice.

“Can’t you see we’re in the middle of a conversation here”, Robert said.

Simmering down a bit, Brock replies, “My match is about to begin”

“Then why don’t you go to your match and leave me and Julie alone”, in response to Robert’s statement, Brock’s upper lip starts to show a menacing curl. 

Noticing this, Julie starts to get up to intervene, “It… was nice meeting you Robert, but Brock and I entered this contest together, so I hope we meet again”, and grabbed Brocks arm to move him away from Robert.  As the three parted Brock looks back at Robert, who hasn’t yet moved from his spot.  The two boys stared each other down, before Brock forgets about it and heads on to his match.