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Part IV

A week of waiting, training, and not to forget great anticipation among the many pokemon trainers of Pewter, the four-day event, known as the Pewter City Pokemon Competition has finally begun.  Outside the great Pokemon stadium of Pewter City, trainers, just not from Pewter, but all around the area, are standing and waiting some more in-line to receive a number for entry in the competition. 

Four lines have formed, with people waiting anxiously to get in.  The first line is for all the spectators who plan on cheering their favorite trainer on. The second is the shortest line where all the advance trainers have come to do battle.  Third line is for the intermediate Pokemon trainers.  Last but not least is a huge line for all the aspiring young trainers hoping they have arrived in time to secure their place in the Novice competition, it’s also where Brock and Julie are currently standing in, somewhere in the middle.

“Wow look at all the people here Brock, and not to mention all the people here just for the Novice competition, I hope we arrived in time to get a number”, Julie said to Brock.

“Don’t worry Julie, they’re accepting 128 trainers for the Novice Competition, 64 for the intermediate, and 32 for the advance.  I’m guessing there is no more then 200 people in-line, since we’re in the middle, we should be ok then”

Looking around, Julie admires all the different pokemon, the other trainers (keeping them outside their pokeballs of course) have.  “Cool, look at all the pokemon, some of the trainers even have more then one, I’m just glad that in the Novice class, trainers only battle with one pokemon, or we would never have been able to enter, considering we only have two Caterpies between the both of us”

“Yeah, not like in the Intermediate class, where they have to do battle with three pokemon, or the Advance class with five”, Brock responded.

“I swear, the lines aren’t even this big during spring break at Poke-World”, Julie growing a little impatient with the long lines, complained.  With Brock giving her a little nod in agreement.  Eventually, they made it near the entrance booth, with both of them hoping like mad, that they can get a number.  The person in front of them made it in, now it’s time to see if they can make it in, or go back to the end of the Spectator’s line.

“Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon”, Brock whispered to himself, before facing the man inside the booth, “Hello there sir, did we make it on time, are we in”, he nervously asked.

The man inside the booth gave a deep breath, and had a sort of disappointing grin on his face, mortifying Brock in Julie in the processes.  Giving them the sense that they were too late but, “Congratulations, you and your friend there, are the 127th and 128th person to enter in the novice class”, at the sound of the news, Brock and Julie both gave a big sigh of relief.  “Sorry to scare you there, just messing with your heads a little, after handing out numbers all morning, a guy can use a little laugh, by the way, your names are…”

“My name’s Brock Takeshi”

“And I’m Julie Potter”

“Well Brock, Julie here’s your numbers”, Brock getting number 127/Red and Julie receiving number 128/Blue, all of the classes are divided into two divisions, Red and Blue, the top trainers of both divisions will face off on the final match, to determined the overall winner of that class.  “For the rest of you out there, go to the end of the spectators line”, at the sound of all the whining from the crowd, the man couldn’t resist, “You can whine all you want, but the only thing I can say to all of you is, tough nookies, hahaha, maybe next year, this booth is closed”, the man, adding injury to insult, yelled out to the crowd of angry trainers.

Upon entering the stadium, Brock and Julie stopped for a moment to take in the scenery of the Pokemon stadium jammed pack with hollering fans of all ages, which is really a major complex with a center rink where all the pokemon trainers in the advance class will square off, and six side rinks surrounding the center one for the other two classes.  

"What's the matter Brock", Julie noticed Brock was looking around franticly with a sad and disgruntled expression on his face.

"Oh, it's nothing really, I... I just thought that he might've been here", Brock said, in a low tone.

"Brock, try to forget about it, just because he left, doesn't mean it has to affect you, everyday of your waking life", Julie said.

"Sure Julie", Brock and Julie wished each other the best of luck and separated into their respective divisions, not forgetting the promise they made to each other.

“To start off the Novice class for the Red division, Jason Stillwater will face off against Brock Takeshi, let the match begin”, announced the referee from the middle of the sideline of the arena.  With the crowd cheering on the opening match, Brock called out his Caterpie.  Prompting Jason to do the same by sending out his Rattata.

Before the match officially begins with a whistle from the referee, Brock gave his Caterpie some last minute advice, “The key to winning is all about quickness Caterpie, if you can’t evade the opponents attacks quick enough to execute your own, then it’s all over.  So remember, what I told, don’t hesitate to execute an attack when you feel that it’s the right time, you don’t always have to wait for me to order an attack, alright”

“Piee”, Brock’s Caterpie confirmed.

Whistle blew and the match begins.

“All right Rattata, Hyper fang that worm”, Jason yelled out.  The Rattata being very quick didn’t leave Brock with enough time to order a counter attack, but Caterpie doing what Brock told it.  Spat a wad of String-shot into the Rodents mouth, before evading the charge, and gluing the Rattata’s mouth shut, “What”, Jason exclaimed.

“Caterpie good work, now tackle attack”, with Brock’s command, Caterpie tackled Jason’s Rattata constantly into submission.

“And the winner is Brock and his Caterpie”, the referee said.

“That’ll show him what this worm is made, first match first win, you and me Caterpie, we might just win this thing”, Brock declaring.

Now over in the other side of the pokemon complex, it’s Julie’s turn in the Blue division.

“Go Caterpie”, Julie releasing her Caterpie

“Oddish, I choose you”, the opponent she’s facing called out.

Like Brock’s match, the Referee blew the whistle and the battle begins.

“Oddish start things off with a poison powder attack”, poison powder was sprayed everywhere, Julie knowing Caterpie’s vulnerability to poison attacks, could only watch and see how her Caterpie can manage.  Julie’s Caterpie squiggled fastest it can to escape the falling poison powder, not being fast enough, the Caterpie stood up on it’s tail and spread out a string shot above to shield it from the remaining falling powders.  “Oddish quick, try a Sleep powder”, the other trainer yelled, but it couldn’t adjust from poison powders to Sleep powders quick enough.

“Not so fast, Caterpie head butt that Oddish (Tackle, Head Butt, Skull Bash, they all look the same for a Caterpie), Julie ordered, Caterpie brought down the Oddish with its attack, struggling the Oddish drove Caterpie away with absorption attacks, by touching Caterpie with it’s leaves and got up.

“Oddish, try the Sleep powder again”

“Arghh… Caterpie counter with string-shot”, as the other trainers Oddish was about to release sleep powders in the air, Julies Caterpie manage to spray String-shot all over the Oddish’s leafy head, disabling all of its powder attack, then proceeded to barrage the disorientated Oddish with tackles until the Referee ended the match.

“The match is over with Julie Potter as the victor”, the Ref said.

“First match, first win, you and me Caterpie, we might just win this thing”, Julie declared.

“Hey Julie, Julie over hear”, when Brock won his match he quickly made his way to see how Julie is doing, “(Panting) So did you win your first match”, he asked.

“Yeah, you should of seen it Brock, my Caterpie was awesome out there, I knew putting in that much training was worth it”, Julie answered.

“Just get ready for tomorrow though, today we only got to battle once, because of some many trainers to be eliminated.  Tomorrow, we battle with twice, and surely tougher opponents”, Brock cautioned her.

“Hey I’m just as ready as you are Brock”

And with a closing statement from Brock, “May the best Caterpie win then"