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Part III


            “Dad no”, waking up Brock finds the letter written by his father, placed on his bedside drawer, after reading it five times over, the young man, half angry and half sad, silently wept for an hour by himself before approaching his mom with the news of his father’s departure.  “Mom we’ve got to talk”, Brock said, shaking his mother awake from the living room couch.

            With the look of great sadness and grief amongst Brock’s face, his mother knew something wasn’t right, “What’s the matter Brock”, Brock’s mother said, holding out her hand and placing it on the boy’s broad shoulders.

            “Just read this, it’s a letter from father, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me”, Brock letting his mother read the letter by herself, so as to let her deal with her own grief for a moment.  Brock can hear his mother crying by herself as she reads the letter, which makes him angrier, not knowing why his father would do such a thing to his own family.  Brock’s mother, entering the kitchen sat down with Brock on the kitchen table, both of them in no mood yet to talk about it, just stares out the window for a good half hour, before the rest of the children walks in looking for breakfast.  Now they would have to come up with some way to break this terrible news to the young and fragile minds of these children.

            Most of the children came in unaware of the atmosphere around them, but the two eldest of the ten, Toby and Sarah, knew immediately something was wrong, when they saw the expression on their brother and Mom’s faces. 

            “You want to tell them mom”, Brock whispered to his mom.

            “Tell us what”, Toby exclaimed.

            “Yes, I’ll them”, Brock’s mother replied.  “Hmm… your father is going to be gone for awhile, maybe for a long time”

             “He’s left us hasn’t he”, Sarah interrupted, leaving the rest of the children in a panic state, “I’m old enough to know what was going on with Dad, he probably ran away to be a pokemon trainer”, she said with tears starting to form in her eyes.

            “Honey, I’m not going to lie to all of you, your father has left us”, on that quiet tone from their mother, it set the mood for the whole family, that entire week.  During that long silent week, the mother went into denial and busied herself with work at the family restaurant, Brock spent more time by himself, even avoiding his best friend Julie, and the children just had a hard enough time trying to accept and adjust to their father’s abandonment. 

Some time later Brock starts to take notice of the upcoming Pewter City Pokemon competition, the competition his Dad has been preparing for the entire month.  Why would his father leave when the competition was only two weeks away by the time he left, Brock thought to himself?  Since Brock now has his own Pokemon, he can enter the competition with his Caterpie, and maybe see his Dad there.

After a quick lunch he headed over to Julie’s house, to ask her if she wants to join with him, ringing the doorbell, Julie’s mom answered the door, “Oh, hi Mrs. Potter, is Julie home”, Brock asked.

“Yes, come on in Brock, haven’t seen you in a while, Julie is up stairs.  By the way, I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but I’m sorry on what happened with your father”, not wanting to depress Brock any longer, Mrs. Potter called down Julie and proceeded into the kitchen.

“Hey Brocko, what’s up”, Julie said.

“You know about the upcoming Pewter City Pokemon Competition don’t you”, Brock asked her.

“Yeah, it starts in a week”

“Well I was wondering if you’d like to enter the competition with me”, Brock excitedly asked.  Of course Julie answered yes, it was the first thing Brock had ever asked her to do with him since his father left.

Outside in Julie’s Back yard, “I’ve been training my Caterpie for a while now since we caught them and it seems that the only special moves they know are String-shot”, Julie said.

“Don’t forget that skunk spray of theirs, that’s probably their most powerful move, since it was able to defeat all of my brothers and sisters with one spray”, Brock joked.

“(LOL) When did that happen my Caterpie never did that before”, Julie said.

“When Patrick yanked down on Caterpie’s feeler, it discharged such a foul odor at them, that’ll probably even send a skunk running”

“Hey with that move are Caterpie’s would be invincible then wouldn’t they”, Julie inquired.

“Not exactly, I checked out that move of theirs and I found out that it takes them a week to build up enough ‘juice’ to use their Skunk spray only once”, Brock informed her.

“Then that’ll just have to be are secret weapon then would it”, Julie slyly mentioned.

 After the times Brock helps out at the family restaurant (where he’s turning out to be quite a chef), takes care of his brothers and sister, and finishing up on some school work.  Brock spends the rest of his days training his Caterpie with Julies, in preparation for the Pewter City Pokemon Competition.

“So how tough do you think the competition would be Brock”, Julie asked.

“Very tough, but don’t worry they divide us into classes, the Advance, intermediate, and novice class.  We’ll probably just be in the novice class though”, Brock responded.

“What prizes are we competing for”, Julie asked again.

“If you win the Novice competition, you’ll receive a pokedex and six complementary pokeballs”

“Wow a Pokedex, they only give those to licenses trainers that was able to rank in the top three of the Pokemon League entrance exams”, Julie said awe stricken, “I was disappointed when I scored in the eighth place, now I might get a chance to finally become a licensed Pokemon trainer”

“You’re forgetting one thing though”


“Only one trainer is able to win in the Novice class”, Brock said to her.

“Oh I see, so we might have to face each other in the competition then huh”, Julie, said.

“Yeah that’s the bad part, but before we do let’s try are hardest to defeat every other trainer before us, so at the end we’ll have a battle royal between the two of us, deal”

“Deal”, Julie assured Brock, while shacking his hand.