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Part II


            In the middle of the night a man silently sneaks into a home, his home to be exact.  Passes by the wife, slumbering on the couch, he made his way up the stairwell.  On the top of the stairwell he glances right to his bedroom, then left, facing his childrenís bedrooms. 

First door on the left, the man says goodbye to his five young daughters all peacefully sleeping, not aware of the turmoil the man they love most will cause them tomorrow morning.  Second door on the left he says farewell to his five young sons as well.  Third door on the left leads to his eldest son, Brock, standing by his sonís bedside, the man gives the boy a long hard stare, before leaving a note on his bedside drawer.  That reads.


            I have thought long and hard about this Brock, about leaving you, my wife, and my family to fulfill my own dreams of being a great pokemon trainer.  What Iím doing, I know is a very selfish act that a good father would never even consider, by leaving his family to act on his own wants and desires.  Especially at a time like this, when his family needs him the most, and when a young man like yourself needs a father the most to help sort out lifeís difficulties facing adulthood. 

            For what I am doing, is something I can never forgive myself for, but there is this gnawing feeling deep inside of me to succeed at becoming a great pokemon trainer, that it has driven me so far as to considering leaving my family this very night.  It is something I truly hope, that you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday.

            You were always the responsible one in this house, and I have always respected that, even though I didnít always show it.  Iím just hoping youíre ready to take on more of that responsibility, because you are now the man of the house.  Be sure to kiss your mother and siblings goodbye for me, and I promise Iíll come back to my family, someday.

                                                                        ~ Love, your father.                   


Leaving his sonís bedroom, the man proceed on to his own, to pick up a few extra things before leaving.  He stops by a bookshelf and picked up the sixth book to the right on the top shelf.  Opening up the book he glances down at the money his wife has stowed away incase of emergencies, then closes and places it back on the shelf, not wanting to shred the last bit of decency he has left.