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Part I


            “Hey Brock are you ready yet”, an excited girl called out from a young boy’s doorstep.

            “Yeah Julie, just let me tell my Dad that were leaving for the Viridian Forest”, said Brock.  Brock a boy from Pewter City is about to embark on his first Pokemon trip with his best friend Julie.  As the spiky haired teenager approached his father, who’s busy training his pokemon out back, “Dad, I’m leaving with Julie to capture pokemon from the Viridian Forest…”

            “How many times have I’ve told you not to interrupt me when I’m busy training my pokemon for the upcoming Pewter City Pokemon Competition”, Brocks father yelled.

            “But Dad I just wanted to let you know…”

            “Go tell your mother”, the angry father yelled, “How am I ever going to get things done when you get in the way all the time.  If not you it’s your mother, or your younger brothers and sisters, can’t you all see that pokemon training is important to me, now leave me alone”.

            “Yes sir”, ever since Brocks father won his first badge at Hiwanda town, the man has been self-absorbed with earning more, and neglected his family in the process.  “Why does Dad spend so much time training with his pokemon Mom, he never does anything else, he wasn’t like this before”, Brock said to his mother, who was standing in the background watching her son get yelled at by her husband again.

            “I know Brock, but it’s best to just let him go about with his training, if it’s important to him then at least we should do, is to be understanding”, Brocks mom said in a quiet tone.

            “But he seems so distant from us now, I worry that Dad cares more about his stupid training then us”

“I know Brock… I know”, was all that Brock’s mother could come up with.

Brock left the house with every thing packed for his trip and met up with Julie,

“What’s the matter Brock, is it your father again”, Julie asked. 

            “Yea, but just forget about, we’ve been planning this trip for a week now”, Brock said, hiding in his grief.

            The Viridian Forest is just south of Pewter City, a favorite destination of young aspiring Pokemon trainers to capture bug pokemon, of the likes of Caterpies, Weedles and their evolved forms. It was morning when Brock left for the forest with his best friend Julie, the young brunette girl that have lived on Brocks Neighborhood, for what seems like their whole young lives, and already have made the short trip to the Viridian Forest by Midday.

            “Brock do you know where to start looking, we’ve been in this forest for about an hour now and we still haven’t spotted one”, Julie asked impatiently.

            “This is a very big forest Julie, even though we’ve been traveling for an hour now, were still practically on the edge of the forest and most pokemon live deep inside forests, to avoid contact with the outside”, Brock said to Julie.

            “When we get there, how are we supposed to find all the pokemon”, Julie asked.

            “Well, I read in my Dad’s manual on Pokemon in the wild, it said that Caterpies hide high on top of trees to camouflage themselves from danger.  While Weedles are mainly nocturnal pokemon, that spends all of their day under the ground and comes up at night for food.  So get your pokeball ready”, Brock said.

            More traveling and wondering around the large forest aimlessly the two teenagers searched desperately for pokemon, until Julie finally spotted two.

            “I see them Brock”, Julie exclaimed.

            “Where”, Brock said in the sudden shock.

            “Look over there, those two Caterpies sleeping up in that tree together”

            “Oh I see them”

            “How are we supposed to get them down”, Julie asked in a puzzled look.

            “Hmm let me see”, Brock said.  He bent down and picked up to large rocks, “With these, we’ll knocked them down with the rocks and before they know it, they’ll already be captured”.  The two put their plan into work, and hurled the rocks at the unsuspecting Caterpies, knocking them.

            “Pokeball go”, Brock and Julie, yelled.  Shake one, shake two… and.

            “Yes we caught them Brock”, Julie shouted.  They both ran and picked up their respective pokeballs.

            “Umm so which one is which”, Brock said, looking down at the two Caterpies after they released them from the pokeballs.

            “Which is which”, Julie said back.

            “Which, as in gender, which”, Brock asked.

            “Oh, good question, I think I know which is which, but I’m really not so sure which is which you know”, Julie doubted.

            “So which do you think is which then”, Brock asked again.

            “See their feelers on top of their heads”, Julie asked Brock, pointing at the feelers on top of the Caterpies heads.


            “Male Caterpies are supposed to have noticeably larger feelers then female ones, so I think your Caterpie is a girl and mine is a boy”, Julie informed Brock.

            “Oh, hey girl I couldn’t have asked for a better first pokemon”, Brock said, picking up his Caterpie and Julie doing the same with her Caterpie. 

            The rest of the day was spent heading back to Pewter City, reaching their houses by nightfall.  Both said goodbye and ended a day that couldn’t have gone any better.

            “Mom I’m home”

            “Hi Brock did you capture a pokemon, can I see please”, at the sound of his voice one of Brocks younger sister, Virginia asked, with all of her other younger siblings following.

            “I have a surprise for you guys”, Brock unzipped his jacket and the head of his Caterpie popped out, leaving the children in awe of such a cute pokemon, then preceded to manhandle the poor bug.

            “Guys, guys be careful please”, Brock pleaded to his ten brothers and sisters all trying to reach out their hands to pet Caterpie.

            “Caaaapieeee”, Caterpie yelled out at the top of its lungs, and discharged a foul odor at the bunch, when Brock’s youngest brother, Patrick, yanked down hard on Caterpie’s feeler.

            “Eeew, ack, cough, hack, aww, blahh”, all of them whined and ran away.

            “Brock what is that horrible smell”, Brocks mother, jumping from the couch where she was lying down, yelled.

            “Sorry Mom, but Patrick yanked on Caterpie’s feeler”, Brock apologizing.

            “Oh is that the Pokemon you caught, did you and Julie have a good time at the Viridian forest”, Brocks mom asked.

            “Yeah, Julie also captured a Caterpie herself”, Brock said, looking around the house for his Dad to show him his first pokemon, “Mom where’s Dad at”.

            “Your father is at the Pewter City Pokecenter, he wanted to challenge other trainers there in pokemon battles. In order to get ready for the Pewter City Pokemon Competition, he’ll probably be back later, try to get some rest you’ve had a big day”, Brocks mother said.

            “Alright then, good night mom”