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A Pokémon site where I can show the world, the fanfics I've written.  ~~> http://pijoto.tripod.com/pijotostories/main.html

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March 20, 2000
Hey an actual update this time, A Brock Prologue, Part VI has been completed, enjoy.

March 18, 2000
I'm sorry to all of my Netscape viewers, since that table border around this news section interfered with the links on the top. I was able to fix it though, and now my site looks perfect on Netscape ^_^. As for new stories, it's spring break, and I have loads of extra time on my hands, so expect an update on A Brock Prologue this week!

March 14, 2000
Don't mind me, I'm just tinkering with the layout some...

March 13, 2000
Guess what, tomorrow this site would be 3 months old, yep yep. To celebrate I've updated the About Pijoto section with an extensive Profile of myself, because as some of you may notice that section is supposed to be about me but there is nothing about me in there? I stole the profile from the Sindex, so you might want to pay that site a visit, which by the way is not a Pokémon site. I originally wanted to finish up Part VI to A Brock Prologue but due to two test this week, that is a whole lot more important then updating this site ^_^;; has kept me busy cramming all week.

March 10, 2000
Not a real update... but for the past few days that Tripod Pop-Up ran wild whenever someone visited my site -_- Which I was able to fix, yay. I hope that Pop-Up problem didn't discourage any new visitors to my site.

March 6, 2000
I revamped the links page, with details and descriptions on the sites that I choose to link too, also I have added a new site that I personally go to, Loose change. So check it out now, these are sites that I myself visit on a regular basis, and though were not 'affiliates' or anything I would like to affiliate with any of those site in a heartbeat. Why am I starting to talk about affiliation all of a sudden, well I considered it before, but have never really taken the time to ask other webmaster to affiliate with my site. Maybe because I'm not to entirely satisfied with the layout of my site. After all I'm still trying to learn some decent HTML, so when I ever get to the point where I can create great looking webpages, then I'll go around looking for affiliation, but right now... I don't know, many websites set to many high standards. By the way if you want to affiliate with my site, email me and we'll see if your site meets up to my high standards ^_^;;

March 3, 2000
What better way to start off the month then with a new story! I know some of you are expecting part VI to A Brock Prologue, but I'm taking a short break from that story right now. To prove to all that I haven't given up on Another Beginning, I've just completed chapter 12 of the story, further chronicling the adventures of Peter, the perpetual loner.

In other news: the news of February has been archived.