What writings should you submit, just about anything you like.  From fantasy stories to politics, or just your two cents on life and society.  I'm a pretty open minded guy and all, but you understand that if I don't post one of your stories or writings if it is too racial or religious, two topics that's always a no no anyways.  Credit will be given to all that submits, you can even put a small bio of yourself if you'd like.  Or remain the anonymous writer.  

    Too admit any of your stories just email it to me in .txt form and attach it to your email.  Or if you'd like to include any of your original drawings to your story, send it too me in html form (if you know how too).  Be sure to proofread your work if it has too many errors or I'll have to tell you to fix it before I'll put it on my site.  If it is a part of your writing style just tell me to leave it the way it is.  Please no plagiarism why would you send something you didn't write.  As a disclaimer don't copy and use any writings on this website for your own personal gains.  My email is