Pre-college stories    

    My faith in mankind has crumbled to the ground. Just when you thought it was gonna get better man it just crumbles around you. It comes to you and sticks you in the ass and smacks you in the eye. Life if you know what I mean I've written a lot, no lets say I contemplated a lot about how evil or how good this world Is gonna turn out based on the days events.
    Usually it just turns out normally and really nothing big to complain about. Then there are these days when one event just leads to another to another and you have really no choice on what's going on and you just cant stand letting it happen. At the same time you don't understand. 
    You cant just go through life as a na´ve little child sooner or later your gonna realize life is not perfect, safe, or hardly ever fits your needs. There are fewer good people in this world then they're bad and when you realize that, it's too late your getting a dish or reality that bad people do bad things not to just some people. Just about any random events that just seem to happen you know. Still there is the realization that you can't go through life fearing and questioning everybody you just need to prepare for those moments. 
    In a way this is like how the world builds big armies to fend for themselves against an attack that haven't occurred and probably won't for a long time. It's just the need to feel safe and secured, even if it's a sorta weird twisted way of felling safe, by using arms and bigger arms to feel safe. Well that just reflects on Theodore Roosevelt's saying, "Speak softly and carry a big stick", and you will get respect.