Pre-College stories

    This is boring; I sit here counting down all day at the clock that is way to loud. With the hard metal seat making imprints on my back. I try to read but it is always too hot or too cold or both.
    I finish my work early with nothing to do, but to scan the room. I glare and stare and admire the prettiest girl in the room. Quickly I retract my eyes when she discovered my presence. What else is there to do, I have nothing to read. There's ample time left why did the work had to be so ease. Frustrated I start to dabble and sketch on a paper. Which I start to get serious and draw something I'm really proud of, Spider-Man. I drew Spider-Man, one of my best damn one's yet too. 
    With more time to kill, I start to daydream, damn, I curse these damn porno dreams that occur every minute or so. I block it out and dream of something else. I'm one of the characters of Dragon Ball Z, traveling across the universe and battling foes and demons alike. With my power-level around 38,000 nothing can stop or defeat me. Not even Vegeta, Freeza, or Turlis. Riding around in my Space Adventure Vehicle (SAV) I cruise the universe traveling through wormholes all over the universe. Finding Dragonballs to wish back fallen allies. Not that I need them its just kinship, which also keeps my sanity.
    All of a sudden all around me is this sonic howl that makes my ears bleed and my body tremor, I slowly lose conscious and everything goes black. Then I awake, but nothings the same. I'm, I'm damn, I didn't realize the bell rung and I was awake, I leave tired and sleepy. I love boring classes.